Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stupid Motherfuckers

This is exactly what kills me about poker. I am a good player. I watch people. A German is on my left. We both have even stacks at 3k. Five people left in the SNG. I notice he jams scary boards A LOT. To try and steal pots. SO I have 56 clubs. The flop is 34 two clubs. BOOYAH! He bets out. I decide to call. The turn is a nice third club. Scare card. Now look what I said. He bets hard on scare cards. So I wait for it.. wait for it.. BAM JAM! He shoves his ENTIRE stack in. I obviously call. What does he have? Queen hi. Nada. With.. wait for it.. the 8 of clubs. Could I have owned him any more? Oh hai? Whaaaa? Iz nice to meet you club on riva! Motherfucking idiot game. I go from first stack to out in a matter of seconds. I would have had a 6k stack with 4 people left. Stupid fucking Germans! I wanna hire a gay German Hooker and kick him in the balls!!!


Blogger smokkee said...

you lost me at "I am a good player"

2:56 AM


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