Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time

I fucking hate Christmas. Not actually the Christmas part specifically but all the goddamn shopping. Being in a mall with a zillion people makes me SO angry. Worse than my Aces getting cracked all in pre-flop. Omg I get so fucking mad. I seriously wish I could kill some of these people. I hate crowds. The fucking retard singing "I Love New York" in a drunken off-key baritone. New York fucker loud. In my ear basically. No that did not help. I almost stopped and told him to shut the fuck up. Altercations with drunk assholes are probably not in my best interest though. Where is Paul Blart when you need him?

I guess some of it was not horrible. Like the Asian lady. Asians rawk! She and her smoking daughter come up to me. "Excuse me venerable sir could you please tell me where the Back Bay station is". So I point and tell her. "Thank You sir, You are too kind". Her daughter "Thank You". Awkward bows commence and I go off please that the orderly and peaceful Asian society exists.

The raven haired beauty who opened the door for me and smiled. She helped too. So cute. Do I wear a sign on my face that says "WOWYOURFUCKINGHOT" that causes women to either get creeped out or smile at me. I still content it was a nervous this guys a serial killer smile but my ego can work with it.

The girls giggling as they skipped through the slushy, mess of a pond that most of the streets have become were cute also. So I guess not all was lost.

I am working on the recap of Hoyazo's FTOPS win. It should be amusing. What the fuck is wrong with that guy? His post BROKE FUCKING GOOGLE READER! You have heard it here first. My Google reader either said "Fuck this is goddamn long I am too tired to show you any more".. or "OMFG! I can not listen to any more of this bullshit!!!" and promptly stopped functioning. Learn to say "I am full of myself" in less than one million words please. Thank You. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanuka! Fucking A Kwanzaa!


Blogger Bloody P said...

I noticed Hoy's post broke Google Reader, as well. I just wanted to get to the final few hands and see how he got knocked out.

But with him breaking Google, I guess I'll never known.

11:25 AM


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