Saturday, December 19, 2009

The End, In Which I Summarise with my Mad Summary Skills

Time to put another WPBT on the shelve so I can get to more important things like saying how unimpressed I am with Hoyazo winning the mini-FTOPS. If you fuck enough frogs up the ass one is bound to become a prince. Nuff said.

I had a great time in Vegas. I met new people. I hooked up with old friends. I am sure I snubbed someone. I probably ignored someone by accident. I may have missed hearing someone yell my name and they possibly went away thinking I hate them. In writing my recap I most probably offended multiple people. It is just my clueless way. I really do not mean any harm. I love you all. Each and every one of my readers, my intertube friends, even the lurkers.

LoveElf asked me and interesting question. I think it is in her job description to ask people interesting questions. Big shout out to her too. She cares so much about people. I think she will have an awesome career in whatever head-shrinking voodoo field she chooses. Lightning just creeps me out.

So she wanted to know "Why do you think there is such a big disconnect between Waffles/Drunk Waffles and In Person Waffles". I know it is amazing is it not? All of you readers who have not met me must think I am insane. I yell all the time at strangers. Almost get kicked out of casinos, etc, etc.. Alas it is not true unless I have had a few beers. Although I tend to be more funny than get-kicked-out-of-two-casinos drunk like my friend the Rooster.

The outlying question is kind of silly. Waffles on the page is wayyyy too angry to ever live past puberty. The core question is a good one though. What is the difference between the outgoing side of me and the introverted side. How come a sober Waffles can not be as amusing and outgoing as the drunk one. I am not sure I have an answer for all of that. If I am comfortable with you and in a place where I feel secure then I think a lot of that same personality comes out. I guess IM would be a good example of this as I am much more chatty and outgoing on the girlie chat.

Normally I do not feel that comfortable though. I am sure it comes from my upbringing and life. Spending your infancy in an incubator kills some social cues and spending every day past thirteen in front of a computer screen does not help either. Another factor could be my hearing problems. I am deaf in one ear and have a lot of trouble hearing over ambient crowd noise.

I guess a part of me sees me as boring and someone nobody would want to have a conversation with. So I self fulfill those thoughts by clamming up and not knowing what to say or how to interact with crowds of people. I have no idea which personality is the real one. Probably a mix of both at this point. Not Dealing with depression and withdrawing further into myself has probably not helped the situation much either. Perhaps one day soon I will get it together and find myself. Until then your stuck with drunk or quiet. Suck it.

So ends my once a year social activity. No promises on when I am going to the next one although I would be there right now if I had my wish. I enjoyed the whole experience. Even though every year I leave with some regrets of not seeing this person enough, or not doing that activity I also leave happy with all the fun I stuffed into a weekend. Love you all.


Blogger DrChako said...

Can't handle introspective Waffles. Bring back the angry drunk!


7:54 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Thank you, sir.

9:48 PM


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