Friday, December 18, 2009

Final Day, Nerd Championship

Sunday rolled around and it was time to bid farewell to Vegas. I woke up from a wonderful dream about a cowgirl and her chaps riding me like a champ. Good times!

I got to watch all the Football games with some of the craziest people ever. I checked out and got to the sports book early. Al was supposed to open the suite up at around 9. Read Dr. Pauly to find out what happened there. Eventually CJ came around and we went into the suite. He is fucking tall. It was good to finally get to meet him in person.

The suite at the Palazzo was AWESOME. Four televisions. Sofa's. Pool Table. Even a video game machine that was free. I could tell it was a high class place. How? No it was not the waitresses dressed in ever skimpier football paraphernalia. It was not the thousand pillows we had. Nope. It was the rigged Galaga machine. Now I am a decent Galaga player but no way I score that high. My prior best was around 130K. The machine was rigged to let you win. I think they sped up the firing rate on the ship in order to accomplish this. High class baby!

A lot happened. I picked 11 right and 3 wrong in Football. I played a fourteen card parlay for fun. Did one for the kids, Ex, and Au Pair too. For the record -- I DID NOT CHOOSE CINCINNATI!!!! It was sad to lose in the morning games. It is much better when you have a live card for the afternoon. I made the mistake of thinking a shitty team like the Lions getting 22 points in an essentially meaningless game was a good bet. At least I was not the only one.

New Yawkers are fucking loud!!! I swear when the lines judge scratched his balls the whole fucking NY contingent went wild!! Speaking of loud New Yorker's I got to meet Dawn Summers. She is LOOUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDD. The banter between her and Stb during the Dallas game was HILARIOUS! CK was bouncing all around in her energetic fashion.

The Wife, not mine, Dr. Chacko's, looks great in Purple!!! Awesome to finally meet her other half too!!

People were stiffed and then they were un-stiffed. Others were presumed dead. Lawyering went on in the bathroom as well as something resembling an orgy without the sex part.

I fucking crushed Galaga like I said but DRIZZ was the king of the bug squashers. He fucking kicked ass scoring a 330K. I almost caught up with my 280K but could not beat him. I hear the boy plays a mean pinball too.

I got to talk a little shop. In general I was totally wiped out and in the quiet Waffles state that everyone hates. April came by at one point. It was nice of her to come by and give me a hug. I swear I felt her up accidentally. She denies. I did not mean to do it not that it is a bad thing mind you. I hope chicks can't get pregnant that way.

Eventually I lounged out on the couch falling into a semi-trance state. Smokkee was nice enough to capture a picture. It felt good. Chillin' Watching football. Relaxin'. Chattin' with people. I know I can do all that at home but it still felt good.

After the late game it was time to grab the Red Eye home. I wandered out of the Palazzo and promptly took a wrong turn. Luckily BloodyP and Kat were smoking and they redirected me. It was awesome finally meeting Mr. Pee and he is a kick ass guy. With some sadness I headed off to the airport and my hellish day-after-vegas-in-work time. Next up the Endy thing people do.


Blogger HighOnPoker said...

"I hope chicks can't get pregnant that way."


Great write up, Woffles.

4:57 PM

Blogger Bloody P said...

Awesome write up, man. It was great to meet you, too.

I think I spent more time outside of the Palazzo smoking with Iggy and the gang than I actually did in the sportsbook.

Summer Classic?

7:16 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

There's two places you'd find me growing up:

1) A baseball diamond/Hockey Rink

2) An arcade

Great seeing you man, next time we'll put some money down on the game :)

1:36 PM


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