Sunday, February 21, 2010


400 hands / -4BI

Hand of the day. K vs 99 on a K934K board. I *could* have gotten away from the hand if the river was not a K.. Even though I put my opponent on some smaller K hand. The third K and my read and his overjam just blinded me and there goes 2BI.

Seems like AK is a bad hand for me lately. Gah! Still up around 2BI for the weekend. It was a little sad though because I played poorly. Got knocked down to 1/2 BI left. I then stuck with it and ran it back up to 1/2 BI up. The hand of the day then happens and that kills 2BI because the German had a double stack and a better hand. Ug! Somedays I think I should avoid playing on the weekend.


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