Thursday, July 01, 2010

Coach Waffles Game 2

Game two went really well. We were the away team again. I have been good about leaving work early to get to the games on time. I get home and.. no kid. So I frantically try and find out where he is. Apparently his ride home took longer than expected and he was late. So twenty minutes later than I wanted to leave we were off. I get there and the entrance to the field is closed. So I had to scamper all around and part far away. Drag my bag to the field. Ug. I ended up getting there like five minutes after the game started. Thankfully the other coach warmed up my team for me. So we started just a little late. It was pretty frantic though.

It was good that I had prepared the batting order earlier. I studied the first game and put the two kids with the most on base percentage first, then two kids I thought hit it a lot and had some chance for power. I then put the next two best contact hitters and rounded out my order with the no-hitters. Sorry Son! I love you kid! We will get you batting lessons!

Obviously my superior intellect allowed the batting order to be fan-fucking-tastic. We crushed these guys 21-9. We were crushing so bad we had to stop stealing bases. It was fun.

I am finding coaching rewarding and yet challenging. Like there is one kid who is TERRIBLE. I mean he sucks so bad. All he wants to do is play first base and catcher. The first two times I let him catch he missed like 15 balls and let 5 runs score or something. It was nasty. It is hard when he is like "Hey Coach let me play first ok!" and I have to say "Stay in Right field please". I gave him shots this week at third and catcher. He let four runs score as catcher, he missed a toss to third that let another score, and he totally misplayed a pop to right field. Ug!

I asked one of our pitchers from last week if he wanted to pitch again. He was like "No thanks coach!". I like this kid. He is one of our better players. Fast as hell. Steals bases. Always gets contact and gets on base. I have him as our leadoff. He pitched last week and probably gave up 1-2 runs. He is kind of a shy kid though. So he does not like the spotlight. I think he would have done well as a pitcher but I do not want to make him feel uncomfortable.

The assistant coaches kid is fun too. He just always seems like he does not want to be there. I know his dad pushes him hard to play well. He has a pretty good arm pitching but people just seem to be able to hit him. This week he was not helped by the fielding. Every position I ask him to play he just seems like so not interested. Nice kid but I just feel like he hates being here.

My son had another outstanding night at defense. He is a really decent short stop. He handles the grounders well. Has a good enough arm with decent accuracy to hit first base. He has made several double plays and always makes the outs at first. Very happy with him at second and shortstop. If we can get his batting numbers up all will be good. I think he is a little scared of the ball since he got nailed one night. Nothing serious but he needs to get over that.

We found another awesome pitcher last night. The kid is like 4 feet tall and throws a fastball that is incredible. The batters just can not catch up with it. The couple hits they did have were right to the pitcher and he made the outs at first.

Out second practice is this Saturday. I hope to remember all the kids names by then. So hard.

On the poker front I played the Dank in honor of buddies birthday. It was a fun game. I did fairly well. The JackAce was the doom of me though. Let me know what you think about this hand.

I have an 11K stack and am chip leader on a short table of six or seven people. I am in the cutoff. A semi-shortie jams in for his 2-3K stack. I look down and see JackAce suited. So I rejam all in to isolate with a 9K and a 5K stack left to act. The 9K stack re-jams me and I am like "awww fuck". The hands turn out to be AJ vs AK vs 44 and I get knocked down to 4K. Do I have another play here? Do I just chalk it up to bad luck? Not sure.

Next hand I am going to mention was just funny. I had perceived Xklm the 1-2K short stack had been trying to force something to happen. He was a big short stack and I had noticed him pushing in once or twice before. He does it again on my blind and it's no more than 900 of my 9K stack to call. I look down and see K4. Now normally I muck here. However having played a lot of STTs, the table being short, him being short stacked, I figured I had a really good chance of being ahead. So I made the call. He flipped up 86 s00ted and my two pair basically doomed him. Bad play? He seemed to not like it or my reasoning.

The rest of the hands I played I was fine with. Montezuma would be my downfall here. On the final table with like 7 left and a 9K stack I jammed the JackAce s00ted again and he snap called with nines as a 4k Shortie. He held up. Getting short myself I again jammed the CO with KJo this time and he woke up with Jacks. I went out in fifth place with three spots paying. All in all I do not think there is much to talk about in those two hands.

So even though the Mookie is above my bankroll it was fun to play and I actually enjoyed it. Nice to see Zeem again. Not sure if he won it or not but he had a nice lead with four left.

Couch to 2K has not started yet. Possibly Sunday.


Blogger Josie said...

Congrats on the win!

lol putting your son at the bottom of the order - but sounds like he got plenty of action at short.

8:01 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

He is not the absolute bottom.. more like 7 of 9. If he was not my son then maybe he would be lower. I promised him when he starts hitting I will move him up. He is more excited about his fielding anyways.

8:22 AM

Blogger KenP said...

The King-4 call is golden!!!

Any 2 in this position is playable. You want above and beyond.


As to the coaching, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king -- even if he's myopic as hell.

2:56 PM

Blogger BLAARGH! said...

K4 is gold. ATC there, definitely.

AJsooted #1 = probably fail. In SB or BB, yeah if you have a read (and want to flip), but not CO. As played, just bad luck.

Good work on the coaching dude. I had my doubts, but sounds like you're doing great! (I know that means a lot to you coming from me)

4:53 PM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

For the AJ, I don't see the point in isolating. It's not a bounty tournament, so in this scenario, I just flat call with AJ and hopefully AK flat calls too. The initial pusher's cards almost don't matter. If you lose to him, isolating doesn't matter. So, the only question is whether it makes sense to push out the other players with AJ. I think no. Either they push with superior hands (AQ-AK, and major pocket pairs), or he folds hands he would not play anyway. The only cards that beat you that will get a fold are lesser pairs (22-66 and maybe 77-99). Therefore, I flat call. Weaker hands (lesser Aces) may call behind you. Major hands (AQ-AK, JJ-AA) probably raise. Slightly better hands (22-99) may just flat call. Am I making sense? I just think a flat call would result in giving you more information and possibly give you a chance to take more money from the player behind you if you actually hit; raising only risks calls from superior hands.

8:42 AM


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