Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Motivation Is Interesting Thing

Before I get into this I would like to say that NutzLeslie did not intentionally slow roll Riggs. According to Bam he was rushing around taking care of the kids while he was playing. Riggs was very pissed off at the slow roll too.. or at least seemed to be in the chat. However I can fully understand being distracted by little ones so NutzLeslie gets a pass.

Motivation is an interesting thing. Some days you have it in spades and others it is like ug. My latest runs have lacked some motivation. I guess it is because I am almost at the end of the program. The program Couch to 5K has been great. It has achievable goals that you accomplish over a 9 week period. Some of them are tougher than others. You can see your progress and check that week off and see how far you have gone.

The 100 pushup and 100 situp program I am on has been a TOTAL fail so far. I am a ton less motivated to do these than running. In part it is because the program has been too hard. Essentially I have not been able to hit that next plateau. I have not gotten a feeling of achievement. I also do not have the same encouragement and fixed schedule I have with the C25K program. I am still doing the pushups and situps but it just goes to show how different the two systems are setup.

I was deleting some old emails from last month and they were pretty motivational.. things like "Wow Waffles, Running five minutes! Amazing". Now it takes at least five minutes to break a sweat. Lot of other comments too about how I was looking better
and getting into great shape. So it is fun to look back.

This morning some dude commented that my pants were getting baggy. Not sure if I should be creeped out or flattered. At least it was not Lightning.. that would be really creepy!

December blogger gathering should be fun also. It is always nice to unveil a years worth of changes in one night. When you see people daily the changes kind of just slowly grow on you. It is hard to really notice. If you see people once a year though then then changes really stand out. So I am looking forward to the big reveal in a few months.

I really need to set my motivation for the next two months. I need to keep the running interesting. Find some goals to hit. Makes some plans. I have not really finalized anything yet. I will get on it though. I need to keep motivated and reach my next goals.


Blogger Josie said...

Hmmm so you need motivation, huh? I'll see what I can come up with.

2:23 PM

Blogger BamBam said...

Thanks.... again. Let's not make this a habit ummmmmmmm...K?


5:49 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...


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