Monday, August 30, 2010

Week 9 Day 1

Started out my warmup walk REALLY SORE. I have no idea why but my legs were seriously hurting before I even started running. The upper backs were HURTING. I have no idea why. Played some football with the kid. Went mini golfing with both kids. Did situps and pushups.

I think I did an 8 minute mile tonight. I could be wrong. I may have just miscounted. Although I may have done the 8 minute mile judging by how fricken tired I was. I was ready to quit after that first mile and a quarter. I pushed through the entire 30 minute run. I lost count of laps somewhere in the middle.

It was a weird run. I was tired and wanted to stop.. I also got cramps in my side. I also felt really good at parts of the run. I felt like I was in a good rhythm and had it going on. So I dunno.

Played poker this weekend. I swear I lose more on the weekends. Ug. I was in a big razz hand and my computer shut down. Losing me some money. It has been doing that lately. Just shutting down for the hell of it. I smashed it with a baseball to teach it a lesson. Fucking computer. I hate it so much!

Read that IG's friend is teaching autistic kids. My first thought "Wow what a sweet job, just sit them in a circle and let them stare at each other".. I am so going to hell.


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