Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God Hates Me Still

I mean I have to thank the creator of all that exists. He really makes me feel special by his singling me out for special punishment. I mean how else can I interpret the recent weather patterns? I plan to go jogging on Monday. Guess what. It fucking snows. It is goddamn spring! I can chalk one time up to coincidence but Tuesday was a nice day. Sunny. Shiny. Cool but decent running weather. I plan to go running tonight. ONE TO THREE INCHES OF FUCKING SNOW! Starting tonight! Probably exactly when I start running. I can see him up there. With a fucking grin on his face. Directing his storm angels.. "Wait... wait for it... any minute now.... OK SNOW ON HIS PANSY ASS!". I mean give me a break? It is just not possible for this to be some random occurrence.

I played SmBoatDrinks bagillion game MTT last night. It was kind of fun. I even made it to the final table. I had an short but decent stack and lost it in the end playing 2-7 triple draw. Both of my opponents took their third draw and binked me on the river. Motherfuckers.

Meanwhile Josie is fucking the large stack at the table. No. She is not fucking the large stack on the table. She IS the large stack!

Now I do not claim to understand all of the games to a large degree. I have passable knowledge in many of the games including Stud, Omaha, Limit HE.. the only games I needed to look up on the internet were 2-7 Draw games and Badugi. Never played much of either game. Josie admits to knowing NOTHING about any of these games. I mean you could have a game show with a vegetative retard and Josie and ask questions about certain parts of these games and I would put money on the retard to win.

I should know by now that Tourney players do not go by the normal laws of poker. I really believe Josie has a future in this game and will go on to win millions. She has that retarded jam A3o and bink quad threes vs AA type of skill. She can play games she has never even seen before and have a vague idea of the rules and outlast skilled players who know all about the games. It is the true sign of a Tourney Savant.

I truly fear if the day should come when Sucko and LJ produce a spawn. He will just push all in every hand and become the greatest poker player of all time.

I am running tired tonight. Was up a little too late. We then took my daughter to the ER this morning. Basically all she did was sprain a tendon or something while practicing for Lacross the other night. She wanted to go to the ER last night but I made her wait. I really do not think she even had to go.. I mean people sprain things all the time. Fucking man up! So like 250 bucks later doctor is like ice it and take aspiring. No fucking kidding Sherlock. Did they fucking teach you that in medical school? Fricken ridiculous.

I may show up for the Dank. Not sure my frazzled nerves can take it not to mention the ridiculous cost per hand for the Dank for me. It is like on average $10 per hand for me to play this thing. It might be better if I could like last 1000 hands. I might actually think I did something worthwhile then. Peace out.


Blogger Lucki Duck said...

Waffles, the Job of the running world!

9:35 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Don't show up for the dank - you're lack of tourney playing skills will only frustrate you.

9:46 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I agree! I need to learn to fold sets then I will be all set. :P. Oh and jamming A3... that is a needed skill...

9:47 AM

Blogger Josie said...

Biatch! Whore!

9:56 AM


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