Monday, May 09, 2011

Commuter Buddies

Mothers days was kind of cool. I ignored my mom. However the kids were really nice to their mom. I was kind of amazed. SGirl got up early and (with help) cooked breakfast in bed. Not too shabby for an 8yr old. The part that really surprised me though was JMan going outside and cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. I basically just fired up the grill and told him to keep the charcoal burning for like 30-40 and then go ahead and cook. I checked to make sure he turned the gas off correctly too. Everything else he did himself. It all came out awesome too. I fear this is more evidence that he is gay. Doh!

Batting lesson was awesome for the kid on Sunday. I got him a full hour and they worked on making good contact and adjusting a few things in his stance. He started hitting really deep balls on the pitching machine at like 50mph. Not bad. He also had a great practice and knocked a few balls into the outfield. He also made such good contact that a lot of his ground balls were bobbled by the fielders and he was able to make it to base. I am going to try to get out of work early Tuesday and see a real game. I have been kind of busy lately and his games start at like 4:00 so it is kind of hard. He was totally excited about his hitting which was nice to see.

The wife has been pissed off at her work. The bastards are forcing her to commute into Boston now. So we are commuter buddies. Today was the first day. She made me miss the commuter train so we had to take the Green Line. She often makes me miss the train but now that SHE missed it she was pissed off. She also did not have anything to read. We will see how this all works out. She really wants to get a different job but is having trouble finding one.

Exercise continues. I missed a day last week so just started on the 30 minute runs this Saturday. The first run was a little tough. Not sure why. I did it on a different track so maybe that was part of the problem. I just felt really winded. Weight loss stays at zero. Boo. I need to adjust my eating habits. Pushups are still at like 78 three times a week. I look like a Marine obviously. Boooyah! Hah! Not really. Although I do think I have some definition and can see a lot of sleek muscle in my shoulders, legs and arms... It's just the tummy I need to deal with. Peace.


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<< ... and can see a lot of sleek muscle in my shoulders, legs and arms ... >>

When was your last eye checkup?

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