Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Daniel on UB

There is one thing that frustrates me to no end. It's been a fight I've been fighting for a decade now, and I'm so very disappointed in how few top players would publicly join the fight with me. Privately, most are disgusted by UB, but publicly they've not said a word. As a poker community, we failed miserably when it comes to the AP/UB tragedy. I did my best to always warn people not to support that company. I've told people there are plenty of safer places to play and that we shouldn't reward thieves/crooks/cheats/liars by giving this group a pass. As a community it was our responsibility to blackball this organization ages ago. Instead, too many in the media, and players a like, were weak willed and willing to give them a pass. It's a shame.

I have always liked Daniel Negreanu. He wrote up some of his thoughts on the whole UB thing. I am in total agreement with him. If your a friend of mine then sure I feel sorry that your likely going to lose your money.. but you were a moron for playing there.

On another note I am totally confident that Full Tilt will pay people back but what the fuck? I mean you guys have been basically totally quiet. Give people some more information. I have to give Pokerstars the most respect for their handling of the whole situation. It seems as if everything has been taken care of in a fast and efficient manor. Good job!


Blogger lightning36 said...

PokerStars, Full Tilt, and UB/AP -- are we surprised that the actions they have taken post-DOJ mimicked how they treated customers when the going was good?

I am still playing on UB, but as before, it is mainly for the fun aspect of it. I do not have much on there and do not expect to see if. But if others kept a big bankroll there without knowing it could be gone at any time, they were foolish.

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