Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I did the fish. It came out alright. Nothing special. I had it with green beans. So healthy at least. Tonight I can have the awesome chicken and peppers and onions I cooked up.

On the good side I had a great night with my daughter. I am starting to cook up my food and prepare it. She comes over and wants to touch the fish. At first I say no but then agree ONLY IF SHE WASHES HER HANDS AFTER!!! Yes, my daughter is a little strange but I like that.

She then gets more useful and wants to cut the peppers. I am a little scared of giving her a knife as she is only 9! However I suppress my over-protective fathering genes and say alright. I do the initial big cut down the middle, show her how to gut the pepper and remove the seeds and then I show her how to dice the peppers. She ends up making GIGANTIC cubes but it was only her first time. I told her she did great and next time we would work to get them a little smaller. I think we both enjoyed our little cooking adventure together.

Wife was in a total bitchy mood last night. Fuck her. I did not sink to her smelly, filthy level.. I guess I am now but this is my private blog and none of you morons know her! I have to get it out somehow right?

When she got home she yelled at me for using the stove and cooking. She was all like "I did not know I had to reserve the stove, you have not cooked in 13 years".. I then tell her "fine, go ahead and put my pan in the fridge and I will cook it later".. but she says she MUST use that pan to cook on so forget it. I then spend my 10-15 minutes cooking my food and she never ends up cooking hers. See she just wants to bitch. She just comes home and yells and bitches at everyone. What a cunt.

I feel like I am changing and looking to the future and present and she is somewhat understandably stuck in the past. For the past 3-4 months I have been doing a lot of things around the house, with the kids, and fixing the messes left by not facing up to our problems. Every time I do something good she is always "well you never did that before so fuck off". It is a bit frustrating in a way but nothing I can do except keep on doing what is right. Peace.


Blogger Astin said...

My guess? You spent the last 13 years as a lazy SOB who couldn't be bothered to cook, help with the kids, clean, or work around the house. You were a fat fuck who sat around watching TV and playing games while your wife and the help did the housework.

Now, you're getting into shape, taking a more active role in your kids' day-to-day lives, are cooking, cleaning, dealing with the money, and genuinely improving.

Your wife's pissed that this is happening now, after the two of you have separated and she put over a decade of her life into the relationship.

Definitely the most effective form of revenge from you :)

That, or she's exactly as you've portrayed her.

6:49 AM

Blogger Josie said...

I think it's great that you let SGirl help with the chopping - keep letting her. BTW I know where you can get a pretty inexpensive switchblade for her. :)

Oh and I think Astin is spot on. (plus cute and skinny)

8:05 AM


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