Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mother Fuckah, Not You Rob

I tried the FaceUpGaming Blogger game.Huge thanks to AlCantHang for settin this up.

It felt like a Blogger game for sure. There were like 19 people out before the first ante increase. I started out with JT888 on my table. What a fucking donkey fucker! Haha! Gotcha. Actually he is a solid player. Perhaps a little too solid as I stole his blind mercilessly. He warned me off it but he never stood up to me. His game was really solid though and I enjoyed playing with him.

I never got anything really going. The game was 5-minute or 6-minute rounds which made it a turbo. I am horrible at turbos. At the beginning I was a little rusty and played a few too many hands. Hell I was tempted to shove on the first hand but restrained myself.

I then settled down and then noticed it was a fricken semi-turbo. FML. I got down to around 1400 of original 2k and got the most awesome KK. Shoved my stack against A5 and obviously lost. No big deal. I was short then. Was able to steal to survive a round. This is when JT888 warned me to stop stealing his goddamn blind! Blahahaha!

I finally had to shove my remaining chips in with K8 suited. Hit my eight but lost to a pair of nines. Ick. I felt like I played how I had to. Turbos are sad sad games. I survived about half the field and went out just before the break at 50th place. Not bad.

I did shout at some dickhead. It was kind of fun. I swear I never look for trouble. :). However it always seems to find me. Josie, Rob, now this. A buddy of this guy who's retarded name I can not remember gets knocked out. I assume he was a buddy by the reaction. Now a hand before JT888 was saying I should stop raising his blind. So I type "hahaha", which happens to show up just after this guy gets knocked out.

So this prick says "You are a low class scumbag laughing at him". I stay calm and explain what happened and he goes off again. So I tell him he is a fucking cocksucker and shut the fuck up. I then notice to my endless delight that FaceUpGaming does not treat you as a child and they allow you to swear! Where have you been all my life!!!

He goes at me again but I am really amused that I can swear. I get back to calling him a fucktard moron and shithead and he says he is going to get me kicked out of the game for swearing. I tell him to go fuck himself because I could care less. No fucking way I am winning that game. I keep swearing at him then drop it when he shuts his pie hole.

JT888 tried to defend me. Thank you stud muffin you so sexy when you defend me. He goes and tries to explain what happened. I think I told him not to bother because the moron was not listening. Besides fuck that asshole and I can defend myself just fine. However thanks for the sentiment JT.

I have mixed feelings about the site. I think it is pretty good and I felt comfortable at it. I would play there again. I had some small issues with the slider and the amount of time you have to act. It might be good for them to add in a time bank. At a couple points it did get slightly laggy. I am also not sure how much I like playing in a Flash browser. It was cool that I did not have to download anything. However, and this is just my paranoia, I am not sure how much I trust Flash.

All in all I think I could enjoy playing the occasional game there with the software as is. I can not see making it my main poker site or 4-table grinding on the site without some improvements. It is a fairly new site so I look forward to seeing them improve their software.

I thought the turnout was great with like 200 people maybe. I might be overestimating that. It would have been fun to KO Josie but she did not come. /cry. I guess she was too busy with her new friends Grumpy and TBC. Yes, I know, I will survive even though she has discarded me like a used condom. /cry uncontrollably.

Peace Out Bitches! Love Waffles!


Blogger Wolfshead said...

What no mention of me? You surprised me when you kept your cool when the A-5 called your shove. I was expecting fireworks. Missed the part when you went off on Zeus tho I saw some of the remnants of the discussion when I got to the table. You were the subject of some lobby chat afterwards too.

4:00 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

If that motherfucker wants to talk let him. He is a moron. I did nothing wrong.

How did you finish up? I assume you do not like turbos either?

My anger reputation is well earned and somewhat misunderstood lol.

4:16 PM

Blogger JT88Keys said...

Wolfie lasted til 8th place. Lightning finished up 3rd. I wound up 15th when I shoved preflop with QJ suited and got called by J8 offsuit. He flopped two pair and GG JT.

I did knock out Zeus on the first hand after the first break. I was BB and he was the SB. It limped around and I checked my option with A5 off. Flop was a beautiful A5A with two spades. Zeus bet almost his entire stack, I shoved, and he called with 78 of spades and buh bye Zeusy.

6:21 PM

Blogger Wolfshead said...

You are right, I hate turbos. They are for action junkies and bingo players

6:26 PM

Blogger lightning36 said...

Don't know why all the successful players in the tournament are slumming on Waffles' blog ...

Muhahahahaha : o P

7:35 PM

Blogger Josie said...

hi Waffles!

instead of playing online i was playing in my backyard while chatting iwth JT88Keys. He tells me that you and he are BFFs now! nice!
oh and he says you suck at poker!

9:11 PM

Blogger grrouchie said...


9:16 PM

Blogger JT88Keys said...

Josie might be paraphrasing and taking some artistic liberties with what I texted her. Perhaps the sun got to her.

9:43 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

He hates that I picked on him :).

10:17 PM

Blogger Josie said...

Lol I was kidding. It sounded like fun. Next time ill play.

Is there a next time?

2:47 AM

Blogger Jestocost said...

Since my blog is dead, I will post my comment on the blogger tourney here.

Face Up is just pretty bad playability wise. the only real option for multi tabling would be to play two tables in split screen mode, but then you can't chat at the table or, as far as I can tell, do handy things like bet reliably.

Of course the latter thing is hard enough to do even with a single table. I logged in late, tried to raise about 4x BB with 89o in late position(I was pretty sure I would have to leave soon anyway), but accidentally wound up all in. I was hopeful that it would just fold around and I could quietly muck, but of course one of the blinds woke up with KK and I was gone in one hand.

So, to anyone who saw that, I did not intentionally shove with 89o early in a tournament.

12:25 PM

Blogger Carmel said...

I really dug that blog what happened?

9:48 PM


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