Monday, December 27, 2004

DAY 1: Professional Poker

It started out alright. The snow was buzzing. The wind howling. The foot of snow was covering the world. I was ready to play some Poker. The evil one then came unto my office. She said "Poker is not work", "Tis I doth protest!", "Nah Foul Fiend! Begone and play with your son! Sledding abounds and yea will goeth!". So I packed it up. Down a dollar. Feeling pretty good.

I sled for a while with the kid, and then come back to hit the tables. Unfortionatly whatever good play I had went out the door. I was down almost two buyins by five. So I took my last sixty bucks and limped off to a 5/10-Short table. I owned it! I was up 5x my buyin by the time six rolled around. I was bluffing and taking down pots because I spent alot of time showing down good hands and only good hands. Every time someone showed down with me I beat them too! Bahahaha! I rock. So I won back my two buyins and am now a little ahead for the day. I think I might take a small buyin to the 5/10's every once in a while to see what I can do. When you get on a good table in those short games you can make ALOT of money QUICK. As long as I do not invest more than a 2/4 buyin I do not see a problem with it. We shall see. I swear those tables are like crack! Really appeal to the gabooler in us all!

I am going to hit Elance and see if I can get a real job for a few days. I have been doing well with the side projects. Up like 1K in the past few weeks. Not too bad for side work. I think I might hit the O8 tables tonight too. Been away for a bit, and want to try my luck again. So far I have been almost dead even when playing those tables. Where is the money? We shall see.

The wife has said she is going to drag the family down to Ocean City, New Jersey for the week starting Wednesday, so my Poker Career is going to be cut short. She did say I could fly down over the weekend if I want. Hmm. Foxwoods Pauly!!!! Anyone wanna hook up in AC? Let me know.


Blogger txs said...

Hey bud. I'm back and in effect. Shameless plug I am starting the roll out again and with it blogging. Hope to see you at the tables sometime soon. (Sorry this if off topic, it's just the only place I thought of to say hello).

4:46 PM

Blogger The Bracelet said...

I was searching around for bloggers on Monday while I waited for some cards to play and I caught up to you just as you made that move to the 5/10 table. You had $50 in front of you and after a fold or two, and with the luck of having me railbirding, you won that nut flush hand and proceeded to tear it up even more.

Nice job!

With the way the cards seem to hate me, I always stay away from the 6 max tables.

1:10 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Thanks for the Encouragement Bob! I really think starting with $60 at 5/10-6MAX is a little low. I got lucky and hit my flush on the first hand to triple up and then ended up getting 6x my buyin by the time I left.

I have been doing 1 buyin at 2/4 ($100) on the 5/10 6-MAX tables and killing them. It might not last forever, but it feels good right now! Actually the way everyone plays any Kx-Ax like it was AK I might do well for a while.

1:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll be at the Borgata on New Years Eve.
-Derek, from Damning the River (

7:29 PM


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