Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Well.. that was quick..

Wow! That was quick! I lost. Fifth hand of the game. I get dealt Pocket Rockets. The blinds are $15. I raise $100. Nice size raise for the rockets. Nobody without a good hand *should* be in this. However that is not the way it works sometimes. The flop is 663. Two hearts. Now I bet out $250. I get called two ways. Now one of a few things are happening here:

1. Someone has a 6 and I am dead.
2. Someone is on a draw and I better make it expensive for them to keep going.
3. Someone has a pair of (x) and thinks that is good.

The next card is a ten of spades. So now I have two flush draws on the board. I decide to play a little risky and decide people are on draws. So I decide that the probability of someone having played something with a six in it is somewhat low. So I push here. Not a horrible move. Except someone played K6o and got lucky. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do?

I live

Well.. I am alive. I would not just disappear on you guys. It has just been a busy month, not a lot of poker, a ton of pain, and some other things to do.

I just got back from my usual weeks worth of vacation in sunny New Jersey, just a stones throw away from Atlantic City. Those of you who have been reading for a while will remember I was really dieing to get to AC last time I was on vacation. I am happy to report I am still a live play virgin.

Between the gout, the sunburn, and just some really bad play I just have not felt the urge to play Poker a lot. I have not quit. I have not given up. It just seemed like a good place for a break. In the past year this is THE longest I have been away from the game and the Blog.

So the gout is clearing up. I can walk again. The big toe still gives me some twinges of pain that make me think it is coming back. I will say it was GREAT to have the gout. Why? You really do not appreciate how much pain effects you until you have to live with it for a while. It gives you some appreciation of both being somewhat healthy and what other people have to go through. Believe me there are plenty of people out there that suffer longer and worse than I ever have. I wish you all the best.

Vacation was fun. I got a NASTY burn my first day and had to wear a shirt the rest of the week. Programmers and the Sun do not mix. It was interesting seeing the changes in my son since our last visit. The last time he was really young, and any wave that hit him caused him to scamper out of the water and onto the safety of the beach. This year he bravely faced gigantic waves that towered over him with only a boogie board for protection. He does not know how to swim. He kept asking me why we could not go out further. Sorry kid, Dad is a woos and is not going to risk having you pulled out to sea. It just makes me interested in what he might do next year when he does know how to swim.

Tomorrow is his first day of FIRST GRADE. Yikes! Time flies when you have little yard sticks. My wife has him all scared that all the other kids already know how to read. We live in a “Rich” town, although I would not classify myself as rich in any way. So she have this notion, fair or unfair, that everyone is going to be tutored and if you do not know how to read yet your going to get deported so the test scores can stay high for the school. I hope this is not true. It is things like that that make me think I should become a lawyer and sue people for the fun of it. I mean I think school is for TEACHING people STUFF. No? Anyway I really do not appreciate my wife putting that kind of pressure on my son. He is very smart and I am sure he will learn to read. The key to it for him is to keep him interested. So I think I need to go buy some comic books or something for him. We shall see how the situation works out anyways.

My current bankroll is like 3 bucks. Not very good. I think being away from the game for a bit has given me some perspective though. I am in the 2/0 tonight for some fun and if I do not win I will buy back in this month or next. No big deal. I absolutely want to play at Foxwoods this year also. I really want to see what live play is like. I think I might like it. If I am any good at it I might play live more than I do online. Who knows. A monthly trip to Foxwoods would not be a bad thing.

Work is still going very well too. Free food and Coke rocks!

So that is about it. You are caught up. I will post something about my game tonight. I will also try and post more often. If I am not playing it does not make a whole lot of sense. Hell, if I am not winning or giving some type of advice it probably does not make a lot of sense. So good luck out there.