Thursday, November 30, 2006

Full on Waffles Style

I live blogged the Mook and it was excellent. My ADD self took it a little too seriously and I think I blogged it minute by minute. I believe I have accounts of most everyone going out. I think this is a first. Unfortunately this lead to my early demise. I am sitting with second pair.. Know I am ahead.. Know I will never be able to live blog this thing while playing so I push. I get called by an AT flush draw.. in actual case he was 5% ahead.. If he gave me credit for the Jack he was slightly behind. I am not a huge fan of calling all in with a draw but it was early and I know this is a style that can have some success. I made the marginal move because I really wanted to blog the Mookie and I lost. If you ask Smokkee I was ahead though. Wait! Wait! You can not change your story just because it is me Smokkee if you believed you AJ was ahead in our hand then you have to give me props for this hand. In all actuality hands with this small of a margin are poker and the nights that you win them are the nights that you go home a champion.

Daniel Negreanu hosts a bunch of sick kids in his house and gets his ass chewed out? We all know he is a donkey when it comes to speaking but I do not see how you can be angry at him when he is obviously doing a nice thing. I bet the author's last charitable donation was when he gave his stack away to another donkey at the table. Ehhhhaww jerkoff. I have been watching a lot of Daniel's play lately and I am impressed by his ability to put people on hands at times..

Ick is back in town. The tard. I guess his woman kicked him out of the house or something and he has to live in a loft.. I dunno.. Something like that.. go read it yourself. That retard better show his ass around more often though or else..

Carmen better save some dinner time for me too.. Seems like Fuel is monopolizing it all! Bastard! I am gonna tell Quaalude on your ass if you do not watch it! If you think she was mad about Veneno wait until she gets a look at Carmen!

Crap! Did my blog just die? I plan on getting some Poker in tonight since I could not really play last night.. Probably hit the SNGs around 8ish or so.. See you there!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nerding Out - Been a While

So my old PC is kinda running down.. I think I will be getting a new PC very soon. The kids and the wife can fight over the old one.. BWAHAHAHA! I may have to get them one too..

So here are some options I have looked at.

These guys seems to make a kickass system. They are more expensive than the cheapo Dell systems but they seem alot better. More features. Bigger Hard Drive.. on and on.. I was thinking about the Area-51® 5500.

Base System is as follows:
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz 2MB Cache 1066MHz FSB
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center Edition 2005
Alienware® P2 Chassis New Tool-Less Chassis! (Sweet Looking!)
Intel® 975X Motherboard (1GB Either Net, USB 2.0 Ports 8 (4 back / 4 front), FireWire 1394a Ports 1 (Back))
1GB DDR2 Performance SDRAM at 667MHz
160GB Serial ATA 3Gb/s 7,200 RPM w/ NCQ & 8MB Cache
16x Dual Layer DVD+R/W Drive
256MB Radeon® X1650XT
Alienware® 700 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply
Alienware Approved 17" 12ms Flat Panel - Black
High Definition 7.1 Audio - Standard (No Speakers)

Total Price: $1,549.00

The other option which I am somewhat comfortable with being a Software geek not a hardware geek is building it myself. I checked out some systems on

AMD X2 4600+ 2.4GHz 940-Pin
2 x 1GB Corsair DDR2-667 RAM
Seagate 320GB SATAII HD
Antec Sonata II w/ 450W Smartpower PSU Case w/ Power Supply
256MB ASUS 7900GS Video
Pioneer 111D Black/Silver DVD
Windows XP
SAMSUNG 740N-BK Black 17" 8ms LCD Monitor 300

Total Price: $1374.98

So I can come in under the Alienware price.. have an extra GB of memory, 160GB more of Porn Storage space, and pick my own Video and DVD drives. The board has most of the same features although I think the Alienware one is slightly better.

Of course I have to not destroy anything while putting this thing together.. and I get warentees on a part by part basis..

I am not sure if I like Dell. Possibly. I think the video and motherboard options are alot cheaper than the custom built systems but Dell is cheap.

Dell E530
Pentium® D Processor 805 with Dual Core Technology (2.66GHz, 533FSB)
Genuine Windows® XP Professional
1GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 533MHz- 2DIMMs
160GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™
48X CD-RW/ DVD Combo Drive
17 inch E177FP Analog Flat Panel
256MB nVidia Geforce 7300LE TurboCache
Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio (No Speakers)
Dell USB Keyboard and Dell 2-button Scroll Mouse

Total Price: $833

By far the lowest price. Probably the cheapest parts but I am not sure if I need a super kick ass system. Just something to replace what I have now.. and I can practically buy two of these for the price of one custom model.

Not sure which way I am going to go yet.. I think I have the ability to put this sucker together and it would be fun..

Awwww pooor baby

Bill Frist will NOT run for president.

For more than a year, Frist has been under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding allegations of insider trading in connection with the sale of shares in HCA Inc., a hospital chain and health company his father and brother founded. Frist has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, although he has not gained the quick resolution of the issue that he had hoped for.

Let me steal from the country and be a general degenerate scumbag but when you try it online I WILL PROTECT YOU! I WILL FORCE YOU TO BE MORAL! Screw you Billy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Richard "The Lion: Brodie may have more money, women, and poker skillz than I do but I owned him tonight. WOO HOO! Many thanks to AlCantHang for inviting me to the HORSE SNG on Full Tilt. Do I get my ten bucks back for busting him? I ended up finishing second which was ok. I was against a pretty decent opponent and it lasted forever. Elfie and Buddo were sweating me a bit.

I will say Richard seems like a nice guy. I think I would get along well with him in person.. he took all my fun loving taunting very well.. and he even showed the table all of the different faces his avatar can make. Ask him to show you confused. I actually do not know how the pro's on Full Tilt handle all the attention they get. It would drive me crazy.

Peace out until the Mookie tomorrow night! Be there!


I have not really had the muse lately.. Been in a funk. Bankrolls doing well but it is still stuck. Around 600. I almost got it unstuck for a nice SNG win. I had the beautiful and luck bringing Lucky Elf with me. As evil and bad as Smokkee is his partner the Love Elf is wonderful and special and brings a ton of luck to me. I actually think she is the secret to all of his wins. I swear to you I have not sucked out so many times in my life. Unfortionatly the anti-luck plague came by when I was down to five and instead of scoring a nice 170 clams for my hard work and effort I ended up getting killed by KT (but it was s000ted) against my pocket jacks. Ouchie.

I have been experimenting with just going and putting my money in behind and trying to get lucky. While this may work for some people I can not see it as a good strategy for me. It is fun as hell though. If you figure no matter how bad your pre-flop call is your going to get paid off 1 in 5 times at worse it can make for a lot of hilarity and fun.

Of course when you bring that to your cash game because you can not shut it off you tend to get stacked by better players like Marge. I think she thought I was disrespecting her by giving her my stack when my kings were out flopped by her hammah! It really had nothing to do with that. I actually play poorly against aggressive people a lot. In general my cash game has been stagnant lately. I have just not been playing enough. I have made a lot of strides in taking down medium to small pots and it really has helped my game. In general though I am not going to play much cash until my stack gets larger.

I got to have some quality time with another special lady, CarmenSinCity. Between being wined and dined by Microsoft Nerd and Poker Player Richard Brodie she was able to crash and burn with me in a few MTTs. Do not worry girl! Our luck will turn! We will be victorious! Thanks for all your cheering!!

Kitty Katitude went pretty god damn deep in the Moneyfaker thing they have on Stars. She beat out like seven thousand people for.. well.. nothing.. but good job girl!! She is a great cheerer too!!!

Speaking of her I loved her pictorial of her weekend. It was freaking awesome! Great work!!! I was so inspired that I decided to do one of my own.

That's about it.. I know.. Patttthhhhhetic.

Ick got a job or something. The retard is never around. No blogging. I guess saving peoples lives is more important than poker! Like If! At least we still have Japa Hapa!!! Her last post was a kat fight with some asian chick.

I hate this bitch! I cant tell you how much i hate this bitch! -- JapaHapa

Yeah she is real stable. She should make a freaky You Tube video like all the other retards who want to tell us how much they love Jimmy and can not live without him. You all make me feel a little better. Not much. A little though.

Oh well. At least I have charming kids. My daughter thinks I am a retard. She asks me to make her hot dogs and ketchup. Ok. I can handle this. So I cook up the dawg and get the ketchup out. She says "I want the ketchup away from the hot dog". Ok I say "So you want them next to each other". "No Daddy! Away!!". She then proceeds to pick up two things on the floor. She puts one at one end of the kitchen and the other on the other side. "Seee Daddy! Seperate! Get it?". Ug. I am in trouble.

Duggles was stalking me again. That was funny. He watches me play razz for an hour or so and then sits down and gets up immediately. Hmmm. He then sits down at a .10/.25 table with me. I thought it was at least interesting that he was sitting there. Getting stacked. By n000bs. Who play .10/.25. It was pretty funny when his TP ten kicker got stacked by a flopped 52c flush. Booyah! I love that hand! heh. I actually would not mind playing with the guy but I really feel he just was stalking me. Despite his insistence that he was "Looking for a blogger game".. I think I might believe he lost his entire stack and was forced to play .10/.25 more than that.

I should be shooting more video coming up. I did not entirely like how the first ones came out but enough people seemed .. amused .. so why not. I use Camtasia Studio Wes. It is a free trial. Google it. It has some good screen capture abilities. I also may start hosting the AVI files since the large size is easier to read. I think the commentary is what you all want anyways.

Not too much else happening.. I think I need to get a job working at home. My sleep is so fucked up it is starting to effect my ability to get into work. This is not a very good thing. Anyhoo.. a lot of possibilities. Oh yeah.. and the side work is poring in so Vegas is a 98% go. I should be buying the tickets this week. I can not wait. If anyone wants to hook up in Vegas drop me a phone number in the Girlie chat. I am SirFWALGMan on AIM. Should be a blast. I want to spend a bit more time socializing this time. Last time I spent nearly every hour on the tables.. except for a brief break with Ick, Jewels and Kitty. Too bad ZeeJordon is not going. Until next time!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Harry the Intimidator

You usually do not see a guy sit down with 13K at a 5$ Razz Table. So I named him Harry the Intimidator and told him that I was going to stack him. He was not all that worried as it would take until Christmas 2050.

I played poorly and well yesterday. I had a really up and down day. Razz is still kicking me in the balls after being such a good money maker for a long time. I made it to TWO final tables yesterday one in LO8 and one in HORSE. I took 9th in the LO8 because I decided to call down with second best hands twice. Fuggly. The HORSE I played better in. I was set to be the champion but had to settle for 9th when Mr. Fucktard thinks his sevens are good all the way. I have every chip of his in the middle with my Aces until that seven hits the river. NOOOOOOOOO! I ended up hanging in there for a few more spots and went out in 4th. All in all a decent achievement even if the monetary rewards were smallish. With the two wins I was able to turn around a losing day and come out with a little profit. I will take it. Mucho thanks to the Love Elfie, Katitude and CarmenSinCity for sweating me. I could not ask for a better harem of cheerleaders if I tried.

I got sick of the bankroll sitting at 450, so I looked at Neteller and saw that my new friends from Launchpoker had sent me some ad dollahs and decided to get myself out of the 400's by depositing it. Neteller would have charged me $20 to withdraw and I did not think it was worth doing.

Oh and just in case you think I do not read EVERY SINGLE blog out there.. check out Theresa. DO NOT MAKE HER ANGRY! I am so not showing her my dick. I think it might have been a good clue when he said he did not like pussy though girl! That story is a good read. Theresa has had a hard time of it and she really writes a good tale. Very open and honest just the way I like 'em.

The grind goes on. Vegas is looking good though. More later. Oh yeah and how could I forget this. OUCH!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Frustrating Night

Really sucked ass. I win a $75 token. I take 5th in the Mookie when I have a HUGE stack and Pocket Rockets and lose when SoxLover flops Quads! Second time this week I have run into Quad sixes. Perhaps I was wrong when I told Hoy that quad sixes do not happen often and a 3-part post about them is just not that interesting.

I could have taken first in the Mookie.. I was sucking out left and right. I took down Kat with TT vs KK.. and took out JoeSpeaker with TT vs JJ. It was a good hand for me tonight. I outplayed Slb and made a higher straight. Only one hand beat him and honestly he played the hand well. If he bets the flop or turn I most likely fold. I got Aces when NewInNov got a little cocky and told me to raise him. So I did. He fires back with a full push and of course I call.. his A6o does NOT hold up. I even busted Mookie and Stb on smallish suckouts. It just all went for basically nothing. Soxlover was playing a great game and he really deserves to win. In some ways it is good that I did not win because I really hated having to suckout hard on people. I normally think it should be the other way around. At least I outlasted both Smokkee and Sucko!!!

I then took most of my Mookie winnings and lost them playing Razz. I have a 7-low draw against a retard drawing to an eight. He catches a 3 and a 6 and his 6-low beats my 7. With the Razztards I play normally a fucking ten is good so losing to a 6 hurts.

I then decided tonight is not my night. I think I made 10-20 bucks profit. I swear being stuck in the 450-500 range sucks balls. I really am looking forward to a big jump. Tomorrow I will use my token to play a 75$/DS NLHE MTT. Hopefully I can do well in it.

Wonkah Dah Wankah

I promised this fucker I would send him a shoutout! That was before he took one of my favorite ladies out on the final table of the WWDN. You bastard! It was actually pretty comical if you were not she of the deep valleys. She makes a masterful play raising her Queens all in and da bitches go down to Wankahs KJo DONKEY hand! It was not even a SUPER DONKEY! I will say my girl has been playing like a pro and if she just stops getting screwed for doing the right thing I think she will be in great shape to take down something big soon. Keep up the good work! You outplayed the Wankah and he got extremely lucky.

I on the other hand played like a tool last night. I think my biggest error in judgment was when I pushed in on a guy with my two pair against his flopped T3c flush. I had a nice 12K stack with 40 peeps left in the 90-SNG and totally and royally screwed it up. Oh well. We do bad things sometimes. Even with that loss and losing a buyin in Razz AND HE I still was up ten bucks for the night. I will take it. The Razz bustout was actually comical too. I have a 4-to a 7-low draw on 4th street.. and my opponent is raising and pushing with a KQ and some other crappy high cards. I then proceed to make 3-low cards on the next three streets.. all being the same low cards as I already had. Thus for you Razz experts out there I was totally destroyed by a ten high. Owwwie.

Tonight is the Moookie. I am not sure which me will show up. I have actually been trying to balance total donkeyhood (I.E. Smokkee) and wayyyyyy too tight (I.E. Gary) to make something happen. I actually have a ton of respect for the way Smokkee plays MTTs and I want to add some LAGGYNESS to my game but I am not sure that style works for me. It may be that I am not destined to go deep in big field MTTs ever.. and should stick to middle-small pack games where I can dominate. It sure is uber fun being a donkey though!

The way of the Sucko is a hard path. I tried it out in the aforementioned 90-SNG early on. I called a small raise with TJo and in the midst of HUGE amounts of aggression on the flop I pushed and doubled up early with the nut straight on the turn. It allowed me to be top 3 the whole game. Steal a lot of blinds. It also would have allowed me to final table if I did not get too overaggressive with that last hand. Oh well. When you donkey you also need to know when to shut it down. I may play this way in a few more game to see if I can make it work for me or at least give some of the other donkeys more brain damage. See you tonight!


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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Holy Shit..

This is like a scene from the Exorcist.. What is he gonna do? Bite his freaking ankles? I mean jesus! Wow. Thanks dude?

I fucking love You-Tube. I think I could waste my entire life on there. Check out the guy who is not going to get any. I am still laughing.

You all know you have done this too..

A Tale of Two Players

Flights of Iakaris
A person raises in EP. He looks at his hand and sees a BEAUTIFUL ATo. He says to himself "I can not comprehend the audacity of a mongoloid player thinking such and obvious simplistic fake steal from early position will work on someone with the intellect of a diety! I shall push him all in and punish his mis though aggressions with swift justice!!!!".. just as the time is about to expire he pushes. The EP player gladly calls with his AKs and the flop comes Txx giving our hero a victory in yet another major tourney.

Deep in a 10/MTT with a $1600 prize our hero finds himself with a decent amount of chips but looking for a double up to help push him over the hump. He looks down at the KQc and even though he hates this hand he decides to go for it. He raises 4xBB trying to take it down here. Everyone folds except an early limper and the flop comes Q8x. He thinks to himself, "No Flush draws, No real good straight draws.. hmmm I may actually be able to win this". SO he pushes all of his chips into the middle. He hears a little ehhhawwwwing and finally his opponent calls. The opponent flips over his ultra-powerful J8o that is worth calling raises with and also calling off over half your stack. Waffles has dominated another player.. but wait.. it's coming.. yes, the Jack on the river to dash any hope of victory from our hero. Ehhhawwwws win again.

Such is the life of Waffles. At least I killed the Razz table for 3 buyins last night. WOO HOO! With the loses suffered the bankroll was able to grow a little. I am so itching to play that $75 deep stack though. I got knocked out of my first SNG when a dude open pushes his Aces before me and I call with glee with my Kings. Until I see him flip his cards. Ouch. I think Veneno was able to score one though!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Karma: It's a Bitch

I just found this to be extremely just. It was painful to watch but somehow funny and extremely just in a refreshing way.

Crap why not make it a U-Tube kind of day. I do not know if this video is funny but doesn't this bitch look like Gollum from the fucking Hobbit? I mean what better advertising for why kids should not become crack hoes.

What is with this crap with the PS3? I mean I was a huge nerd and still am. I love video games. Even in my prime of playing though I am not going to kill someone to get the latest system. I am not going to take my geek ass no-muscle, play station playing, wimp ass against a line of policemen with big fucking sticks! I mean get some brains you idiots. At least one guy has the right idea.

Bits, Bites and a Little Slob

Things are running ok. Tilt levels are at level GREEN: No tilt on the horizon but you know it's coming soon. I have been basically playing dead even poker. I have had the stack as high as $509 and as low as $380 and is has settled in at $450. I am feeling that it will soon take a large jump. I am not sure what game this will be in but soon.

I took the plunge and played the MiamiDon BigGame. The guy who hates MTTs more than getting his teeth drilled actually did aight. He managed a huge suckout to avoid being bubble boy and rode that victory to a second place finish. He could have been a contender but got sucked out on in the end. Not a bad takedown for him anyways. I myself played a monster game. I went out 3rd. However I think I played exceptionally well. I stole a lot of blinds since everyone was being pussies tight. I swear I have never seen Iggy bend over so many times. I think this is how he plays when he is serious. I did run my rivered flush into Hoy's Quads. He was a shortie and I had him covered. I probably should not have even drawn to my flush but since I made the bother to do that I decided to make the iffy call. I was able to work my stack back up. I then had one of "those" hands. It was a hand where I decided to gamble. I was up against Surflexus and flopped top pair nut flush draw. He lead out with a $900 bet and I pushed him all in. He decided really quickly I did not have AK and made the call. My Ace-Ten with a flush draw against his AQ with no draw. Even though I lost I think that hand was just good poker. Two strong hands going up against each other and one hand winning. Good Job Surf. At least I outlasted CJ and Smokkee! WHEEEE!

I have been having some good success with the peeps so I am going to keep at it. I want to play the 75$/DS HE game that runs nightly. It has around 400 runners and seems like my kind of game. I for sure want to check it out. Thanks again to Don for the tip on this game.

My bread and butter has really been the SNG lately. I mix it up with 18's, 45's, and 90's. That is people not dollar amounts. I enjoy the fact that in the bigger ones you can pick up a few hundred bucks for very little risk. I suggest anyone trying to build a bankroll from peanuts to do this. Hell I started three weeks ago with $69 and so far so good.

I have been cheering the Ickster on in his quest to give Smokkee an aneurysm as he attempts to take down an ME and make Smokkee really crazy. He finally was able to satellite in by the skin of his ass this weekend and played the ME. He did really well. I initially thought he was playing weaker than he normally does but he informed me that he was more card dead than the Guinness and Poker blog.. whoops, bad analogy me thinks. A little more on that later. Late in the game we saw our favorite bad luck charm pop up in the chat. The Slob was on the loose! Now most people do not believe he is bad luck but I for one am SURE he is. If he is watching your game you are doomed.. and shortly afterwards the prophecy came true as Ick went out unable to make one of his patented Luckbox suckouts. Boo on you Slob!!!

Guinness and Poker is back from oblivion. He has just sold his soul to Corporate America or in this case Linda from His new spot as a shill for a paying site is starting out well as he posted an uber-duber post that would take a speed reader days to get through. Good luck you midget sellout!

Waffles in Vegas is a possibility. I promised the wife I would make at least 4K on the side in order to go to Vegas. I would then take 1K with me for the flight, food, and gambling and leave the rest for her to spend on useless stuff like food and electricity. The count stands now at around 2K so it looks possible. A lot of sidework possible this week. Wish me luck! Either that or I cash in one of those above mentioned MTTs and go to Vegas with some 2/5 playing stakes. Booyah!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Video Blogging Experiment

It was an interesting experiment. I will probably keep it up even though I think my ranting loses a lot in Video media. It seems like people enjoyed it. The screen was smaller because I captured the desktop instead of the table.. because when tables switched I would lose the capture.. However in the future I will just start it back up. It does not work well so small I agree.

AshMC2 mentioned he liked me talking about myself in the 3rd person. I think Waffles HAS become his own person.. if I start drinking chicken blood start getting worried.

Sorry about the little one BloodyP.. Although I am sure you have taught him a lot worse. Please record him saying "Lucko is a Sucko" or some variation of that.

Good Luck at the tables.

Sucko I Hate You

First rant. I was a wee pissed at this hand. Like I said it was not a huge suckout but I did not at the time think it was advisable to raise with 58d in EP or whatever crap he played.. but he does live up to his name.. I actually like Sucko and would love to learn Donkey Style Kung Foo for MTTs.

Skiddoo and any Two

These ones did not turn out so well. I captured my whole screen which makes the cards unreadable except in the big AVI file. Funny audio though.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Blogsphere Sucks Balls AKA Oops I forgot Ick Won AKA Wow I Rule

First off I need to say: ICCCCCCCKKKKKK RUUUUUULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! EVERYONE ELSE DRUUULLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! BABY. Our boy in case you have not read about it took down 4th in the FTOPS. No avatar for our little camper but I am sure the moolah will help ease that pain. Way to go man! You are my hero!

I actually would have liked to discuss some hands in this MTT but I am under the impression that Bloggers are conceited little morons who think as deeply about poker as "I am right you are wrong Nah Nah Nah Nah!".. you all suck, and before I put another hand history on this blog I am going to put up cooking recipes.

The Bloggers actually rule. I love bloggers. However a blog as a means to improving ones game or having meaningful conversations about poker is a waste of time. You know who I respect a ton and learn from? No, not you Fluxer, sit down. Ok, I have learned a few things from you but its not your turn. I have learned a TON of crap about playing cash games from MiamiDon. I fucking schooled him and Smokkee for a change last night. Yeah I got good cards. However what really impressed me was thinking through what Don and I had discussed in the past and playing a hand in such a way as to extract the maximum amount of chips: AKA I stacked the motherfers. As much as I give Don shit he knows how to play poker. He is learning and growing and he knows how to explain why he does something. Not just "Do it my way fucker or else".

I watch the guy play. I get the good fortune of playing against him and I learn wayyyyyy more than some whiny bitch saying: 24c is bad because I says so. I can also thank Don for my most recent 90-SNG win. While we disagree on strategy I made a scary call I would never have made in the past because of him. I sat back. Thought the hand through. Heard Don speaking in my head about scare card bluffs and went with my gut.

The late Ignatious is that way too. I chat with him on the girly chat and he really understands why he does what he does. All of the reasons. All of the factors. Sometimes it is hard to convey a concept or a reason for doing something in poker but just having these kinds of conversations with these people is amazing. In the past I found "It Depends" to be a cop out but as I continue to grow I find everything depends.

One of these days I am going to throw out all of the doubts my fore-mind has and just let my poker mind take over. When that happens watch out bitches cause I am going to be deadly. I almost put Mookie all in with TT on a KQx board. My sub conscience said he was bluffing but my intellect said no way you can be ahead. He had 99 btw. Excellent play my man. Excellent.

So anyway I have a looooooooong way to go but I also have a great group of people who know what they are talking about and WHY they are saying the things they say. I prefer thinking players even if they are wrong to parrots that quote verse and page of Super System and think they have original thoughts. I may be wrong a lot of the time but as long as I am thinking about why people play the way they do I will eventually get there. As we always say this game is much more a mind game then what two cards you have.

Now to the Fugly. Jordon, Trip and Gary cheated at the DADI. It was cheating. Not HUGE cheating like whats his name playing his and his grandmamma's account as well as his own but it was cheating. I think they have all fessed up that they made an error in judgment and even if they try to justify it a little which they should not I do not have a huge problem with it. Thanks for admitting to it. I know you meant it as a prank. I forgive you all (like that matters, lol). Go in peace.

Oh yeah.. the Video. I am having a few editing issues.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The 24c Debate

Duggles I did as you suggested and the results were not surprising at all. I am WAYYYYYYYY the hell ahead with 24c. I make on average 1-stack off of people when 24c hits and I lose on average 3BB when it does not. Which is in line with what I was saying.

If you truly were a student of the game you might realize that yes, you might as well play any two card because a poker player does not rely on rockets.. If you need any further proof read DoubleAs book pressure poker as it clearly states the reasons to play 24c. If I have misquoted you DoubleAs please make a comment and say I am full of shit. However I believe unlike Duggles that I understand your criteria for playing 24c, how it can be profitable, why it is profitable, and when to play it. So if you want to disagree with one of the NLHE cash game gods of the fucking world and a guy who I totally worship for his mad skillz then continue.

One other thing a bunch of years ago a guy came buy and wrote a little book called Super System. Now the reason this book worked was because everyone was playing the same way. He came up with a new way to look at things. It was a little successful. If a player gets so stale and stuck in his ways that he can not think anymore then he no longer can grow.

Oh yeah and Fluxer says your a big meanie.

Initial Thoughts from the Cutting Room Floor

Video recording went ok last night. In some places audio got garbled when my PC decided to get pissed and start slowing down. Some good table chat with Ray Ray. He did a good job at live blogging the Mookie. Excellent coverage devoid of any mention of me even though he was at my table 80% of the tourney. Oversight or rampant jealousy you decide.

Honestly while I have enjoyed doing the live blogging thing and the rants I think externally I am not that explosive of a person. I am pretty well in check. It is in my writing that I really get it all out. You guys can judge but I think for the most part I am more suited to the written word than verbal. I will release a few clips from the MTT starting tonight. I do not want to ruin anything so I will say no more. I also will probably put the whole 80-minutes, yes, 80-fucking-throat-hurting minutes for you tards up somewhere. It is actually kind of amusing in some places. I also have a special clip for Iron Girl only where I call her a hottie.

Anyhow we will see how it goes. Everyone really was looking for their 5-minutes of fame last night and it was pretty amusing.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I Barely Know You

This poker blog cracks me up. I sometimes think something I write is really cool and it gets no responses, or I write something I think is basic poker and I get a zillion responses and start a 7-blog flame war. Yeeesshhh.

Anyway.. here is a question I have been thinking about. Put on your caps if your a good player and answer this: What make a good call good?

Is it the fact that you won the hand? If that is our criteria then every donkey who sucks out on us is a brilliant call maker. Is it having the best hand when the money goes in? I am not sure this is it either. If I am playing 600NL and I know my 68o with an 823 two spade flop is the best hand.. do I call the 600$ raise the bluffer with KQo makes? Perhaps he has A4 spades? A4 clubs? Is this a good place to get all my money in? Can I outplay him bad somewhere else?

I am such an intellectual that I have to think about these abstract concepts. Just ask Ick, he always tells me I am wiiiicked smaaaaaattt. The reason I bring this up is that I made two calls I won with. One was interesting. One was stupid. Were either ones good reads? Possibly. Good plays? Who knows? Good calls? You decide.

I am in the middle of a 90-person SNG on FT. I am doing pretty well with over 4K in chips. There are 57 people left. I look down and see AQ. The flop comes Axx. I call a small raise into the pot. The flop comes Axx and it is 3-handed. The initial better leads out with a bet. Our second hero calls. I think I am good here so I float a call and see what the out of position c-better does next. The turn is a Ten. He checks. The next guy checks and bet out $400. This is a pot sized bet and there are 2-hearts on the board. The original raiser bows out and now I feel alot better about my hand. The middle guy thinks about it for a while and cold calls. The river is a second ten. I decide I will check here and hope he does not have a ten. He immediately pushes all in. My initial reaction is "Aww fuck I let him catch trips". I then rethink the hand in my head. He waits and calls with the turn card which brought a flush draw. He saw me lead out weak on the river. If I listen to my MiamiDon and other various people who have told me this over and over it smells a hell of a lot like a huge bluff on a missed flush with a scare card. I will have 1200 chips left if I lose. I end up making the call after replaying the hand in my head. Was it a good call?

The next hand you already know about but I might as well rehash it. I have 24c in position and call a small raise from Penner. He leads out on a two-club flop and I decide I will cold call. He then bets the pot when I make my flush on the turn. I decide to milk him and cold call. The river brings the horrible fourth flush card. He pushes in and it is 7$ out of my $25 original stack to call. Pot odds potentially dictate a call. However I am sure I am beat. I say to myself "Fuck this you can have my last $7 I quit".. and then I make the call. Was it a good call?

Now remember what you were thinking when you read the end of these hands. I ended up winning both hands. I was correct in both hands in the fact that I was ahead. I do not think that this in itself makes these good calls or bad calls though. I also know I misplayed both of these hands at least somewhat and if you want to comment on that you can but I am more interested in the concept of what makes a good call.

Hello.. Is this thing on?

Anyone out there? Hello? I am getting lonely.

How about this Fucktard! Jesus! I hate him already.

Every night I sit at a table with bloggers the first question out of their pea sized brains is "Am I being recorded". Well if you come to the Mookie tonight you WILL be recorded.. at least if you are in a hand with me. Hell if I sense a bad beat coming I may turn the sucker on for you anyways. So show up and be part of a Waffles Cast(tm). I promise to try and get my money in as a 90% favorite and lose to runner-runner bullshit just so you can hear a rant. I also hope Hoy is at my table so I can video some nasty suckouts. He has really been making me feel a hell of a lot better lately. His luck has been HORRIBLE. You know what I face every day. Meanwhile I have hit a 2-outer and a 1-outer in the past week to propel myself deep in two events. Hmmm.. Maybe the Waffles Parasite has moved on to a new host..

My Name is Waffles and I am a Donkey

Oh shit did I donkey good tonight. I played a nice, solid, Waffleish type game all through the 90-person SNG. MiamiDon is railing me and telling me I am a tight moron and I need to steal blinds. I honestly disagree with him in the 90-SNG. As a matter of fact any deep stack with < 200 people in it favors a tighter player. My reasoning? The chip difference at the final table or to get to the final table is going to be MUCH closer in a small tourney. So if I can hold on with 8K I can easily catch 1 or 2 hands to chip up and be in the top 5. I take these things so slowly it is sick. So anyway on to me being a donkey. I get to the short money and I have TT. I have a 16K stack with 2K blinds so I go ahead and raise it up. I get a re-raise AND a push before it gets around to me. Now I have 10K behind. The pot is going to be like 60K if I win. 6:1. Pre-Flop. With a probably dominated if not vulnerable hand in a multi-way pot. I grabbed my bag of oats and ehhhawhhhed a push. All three of us saw the flop and well TT hit a little harder than KK or AQ. So I am sitting on a huge 60K stack with 13 people left and I cruise into 3rd for a nice bankroll booster of $50.

I then get summoned by master Dreamy. He always likes to play poker with me so he can make up shit about how he kept taking my money. At the table were Penner, Absinthe, Fluxer, Mr. Dreamy and Chilly. Over the course of the night April, JJ, and several other would peek in or stop by. I got really lucky one of my first hands when the board 4-flushed. I had slow played my flush on the turn. I had $7 left when the river flush made it a 4-flush board with me holding a 2 and 4 of clubs. Ick. I got frustrated and made the call with my last $7. I thought for sure I was beat. I laughed my ass off when Penner showed 83o no clubs for the loss. It was an EXCELLENT move by Penner except for the fact that I was already pot committed or really close.

My next big hand would come at the expense of said Mr. Dreamy. I have QQ and raise her up to $2.. then I type into the chat "Oops, this is not 50/NL". Scott asks if I want a call and goes ahead and calls me along with another donator. The flop comes Qxx with 2 spades and a flush draw. Before I can say holy shit Batman, the Donator is re-raising the raise by Mr. Dreamy and is all in. I have the nutz. Even though my stomach leaps with trepidation I make the right call. Dreamy thinks long and hard and folds.. The turn brings Dreamy's straight but is no help to the tool with KQo. I end up scooping a NICE pot.

No other really big hands for me. The other huge winner at the table (besides Penner who made a nice comeback) was Fluxer! He played his normal mix of aggro-push monkey and trapping clever player. He was in alot of hands and played a wild game. The majority of the times he got money in the pot he was ahead.

The big loser of the night was April. I felt sorry for the girl and have burned a deck of cards to the poker gods for her. Man was her luck bad. She had Aces, Kings and all kinds of monster hands cracked usually for her entire buyin. She took it all in stride like the good camper she is and went off on her merry way to play Pineapple at Stars.

All in all I took another fifty off the 25/NL Blogger table and jumped the roll up to just shy of $500. Nice night.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


The following is a paid review for ReviewMe.

In the long standing tradition of Jordon "The Bonus Whore" at HighOnPoker I have decided to jump on the ReviewMe Bandwagon. ReviewMe is a new site with the idea of giving companies access to a large number of blogs in which they can have their products reviewed. Apparently the business world has decided that advertising on Blogs is a smart use of marketing dollars. It is relatively cheap and reaches a targeted audience. The rise in the use of blogs as advertising vehicles has just begun and should continue on in the near future. I for one think this is a novel idea that has a good chance of working.

The site is very simple to signup for. You just login, hit the giant bloggers button and enter a few pieces of information such as name, blog, and how you wish to be paid. I chose PayPal since it is very easy to transfer money into with just an email address.

Once you are signed up click on the 25,000 giveaway advertisement offer and you will immediately be able to make your first few bucks by reviewing the site itself. The amount you are paid is based on the ranking of your blog. The posting you write must be at least 200 words. It seemed to be a large amount to me at first but as I type this I see I am already at 222 words - piece of cake.

You have the right to refuse any offers and to also write a negative ad about any product. The advertisers obviously would probably not use you again but I do not think that would deter most people from telling it how they see it. I may be a little too honest in thinking this way but I for one intend to write it as I see it.

I hope that all of the attention they are generating ends up making the site successful. I am interested in seeing what types of companies are interested in this service and hope to see a few advertisers soon. It seems like a great site and a very good idea. I suggest that you go and try it. Who knows, soon you may see a Waffles type rant against some poor unsuspecting company.

Goodbye Old Friend

I truly feel the tears welling up in my eyes after the decision of one of the best poker bloggers you could ever meet. I am sure if he was here he would run around with a little thimble catching my precious tears because that is the kind of dwarf he was. He was not much to look at you know.. you could barely even tell the little hairball was human. Once you got over your initial revulsion though you really found out what Iggy was made of. His heart grew three times as big when he got up on his little person stool and started typing a drunken post on Guiness and Poker. No matter how many times he fell of his stool in a stupor he would climb back up and finish that uber rant just so you could waste hours of time at work.

I was never actually sure the Blogfather knew how to play poker himself. He copied a lot of things from many very talented people but he never much impressed me at the .05/.10 cent blogger tables. He was like and idiot savant parrot of poker though. If you said a key word or phrase he would puke up something he had heard from some other site. If he was confused by conflicting posts he would rattle off a "It depends", and then close his eyes and pretend to be passed out until you left.

He absolutely inspired a generation of deadbeats and nere do-wells who looked at this pathetic, huddled, mass of human filth and said "If he can do it so can I". We may never have had an AlCantHang or Dr. Pauly and the vaunted Hammer would have probably disappeared into obscurity if not for this little man. Not to mention the 50,000 bad beat whining pansy poker wanna be blogs that I have to sift through every day. These relics are his lasting legacy.

We may never see another Iggy in our lifetimes. He was to blogging what Moneymaker was to poker: A lucky moron who made us say "Daaaammmnnn I can do that!". As he rides off into the sunset with his Bonus Code Iggy, trailing empty bottles of Guiness behind I for one say "Good show Sir I will miss you".

Bloggers are Ghey

I swear I chose straight white mailmale!!!! Don't hurt me Mr. Rock.

Which celebrity are you most likely to have sex with?
Your Result: The Rock

You like your men to be attractive but you also want them to be able to kick some ass. You like the big, strong, athletic types with that chisled look.

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Which celebrity are you most likely to have sex with?


After last weeks fiasco with the start time of the Mook I seriously considered boycotting the game this week: NOT!!!!!!!!! The Mook is one of my FAVORITE games and I am dead set on getting us 80-playays. In that vein I am going to introduce a first. The Waffles On Poker Video Blog of the Mookie. It is your shot to hear a real live rant as your pocket two's crack my AA on an A98 board push all in. Let's all hope my computer co-operates since it has been acting oddly lately. It has been going through patches where it just grinds to a halt. Hopefully the Video capture will work out. In case anyone is interested I am using Camtasia for these blogs. It has a nice screen capture tool and can save out to many different video formats.

I have been posting infrequently this past weekend. Not because anything is going particularly wrong. Not even because I have had nothing to blog about. I could post about how Ray Ray sucked out on me on and all in push with a flush draw for my entire stack. It was fun. Worst move ever? No. I think it is more suited to MTT play but if someone wants to be a LAG and raise J5c pre-flop and push all in on a two club flop then who am I to stop them.

I could also write about how I really do not like playing bloggers like Ray Ray in cash games. It has nothing to do with his play per-say. Obviously many people play like maniacs. The real issue I have is the fact he is coming down from playing 600-1000$ buyin game to play some 50/NL. I think he busted 3-4 times at that table and it just does not mean anything to him. While I am trying to build a stack up he can lose 20 buyins and laugh it off. It is kind of like getting to the final table of an MTT and being up against a guy who has you out chipped by 500%. No chance of you winning since he can repeatably push all in and just has to catch once.

After Ray Ray took half my stack actually.. he had lost a bunch before that so he actually did not stack me.. I made a horrible tilty play to give the rest away. It is pretty important that you do not do this. I can point to 3 other sessions I have had this week where I lost just as much and had my stake on the table down to $28 or less and made comebacks by playing solid poker. If I had not let that beat bother me I am sure I would have made my money back off of someone at that table.

Ahh well. At least the roll is heading in the right direction. It has a pretty decent chance of capping 400 this week which is workable. I am mostly sticking with things that have a minimal negative fluctuation on my bankroll. The only NLHE I have played this week has been because MiamiDon really wanted me to sit down and play. I think when the bankroll is a lot higher I will go back to the cash games full time but for now I am going to stay with the low variance approach.

So how have I been building the bankroll you ask. Various different ways since I started with $69 three weeks ago.

1. Still hitting up the .50/1 Razz and Stud tables. I really like these.
2. Playing alot of different SNG/MTT games. The most profitable so far have been the 90-person SNGs and the 18-person SNGs. These are pretty decent games.
3. A little progression Razz. What is this? You start with a buyin at your normal level and then when you double up you move up a level. I started at .50/1 and went up two levels to 2/4. I made a few bucks there and stopped. Next time I will try and go higher. It is fun. It is low risk. If you have a good day it can give you some profit you normally would not see.

I did have a major tilt episode that could have cost me alot. It was nasty. I had been having a few really frustrating days where I could not win anything and the roll started a small decline. I still do not deal well with this. So I decide 5/10 Razz looks good. AHAHAHA! JJOK was watching me and yelling "STOOPPPPP!!!!". heh. Thanks bro! Well it was good.. but just barely. The problem with going up that high and risking 1/2 your bankroll is that eventually it will catch up to you. So I am trying to avoid things that tilt me. Everything ended up well but it easily could have gone the other way. I bought in for $100 and was down to my last $10 when I went on a major heater. I ended up with $170. I will say that if you have the money 5/10 Razz seems like a sweeeeeet game. A nice mix of suckers and people who will fold. Very beatable and I look forward to playing it soon.

I also have a token. I might play the DADI but I do not like 6-MAX much. I also may spend it tonight on the 35K Guaranteed. We will see. Oh yeah and go give Indigo some congratulations he can now kill people legally in the state of NY and say "oops, he was old anyways".

Friday, November 10, 2006

Waffles on Poker

I have started a new feature: Waffles on Poker. I am experimenting with it for now but if you want to hear my smooth weazing voice check it out. I don't like the Video quality. My AVI is much better. So I am not sure what options I have for directly posting my AVI files somewhere or what. I may just have to buy some web hosting space.

Full Tilt Affiliate Promotion

I was just reading A-Law Poker and he had an interesting post. I doubt this means Full Tilt is going to leave the U.S. market. I do think they believe that U.S. Players and new fish may have a harder time getting funds onto poker sites. If this happens then obviously their U.S. market profits will drop. I hope this is what they are protecting against. I do believe them when they say that they are committed to us players. I also know that if they do dump the U.S. market because they have no choice our funds will be in no danger.

Since we have brought up this subject what are you doing about getting funds in and out of sites? I have not had a need to do either lately but I am not sure how I am going to get my cash when I crush the 25K on FT. I was talking to a co-worker and I mentioned that I should setup a Swiss Bank Account. Do any E-Banks exist? Ones without and ties to the U.S. that will continue to take deposits from Poker sites? It is an interesting question.

Bankroll Rising

Well now that I am half asleep at work I might as well write a post. I really felt good about my game last night. I made a few mistakes and got really lucky a few times until the very end. I sucked out at least one 2-outer and a 1-outer so I can not complain about a 3-outer.

The two outer actually came early in the game. I was a few hands into the game and I saw QQ. It was raised and pushed before me. I thought I might be beat here.. but I sort of wanted to hope I was not. I really felt like I should have folded. It was really early though and I figured I had a chance to tripple up. So I took my shot and pushed myself. The original raiser called also. The hand ended up being AJ vs KK vs QQ. When I saw the Kings I even said to myself "Damn, I thought so". However the Queen on the flop gave me a nice chip lead.

It would turn out I would need this as AlCantHangs RiverFailure kept me too distracted to play well during the first hour. I basically folded every hand after that first tripple up until the first break. RiverFailure was messed up. It was HU which it was not supposed to be. I end up beating two people and then find myself on a table with a 6K chip deficit. No let me repeat that. I did not lose 6K to the guy. I did not make a bad move. I just sat down and it is 12K vs 6K. I fought valiantly and finally went out when the guy decided to call two HUGE bets against my KK with some 69o crap hand which rivered a straight. Hey he had the chips to do it. If I win that hand I would have kicked his ass.

Anyways.. I finally came back to the 25K game and tried to steal a little more. My tight image helped with this. Right before the second break I end up getting Aces in two hands incredibly close together and I am off to the races. I stack two nice sized stacks and I am sitting on 10K in chips.

My second amazing suckout happened when I cold called a decent sized raise with 88. The flop comes 89x and I am like BOOYAH! When the EP guy bets I push all in and he calls. I am no sooner done saying "Suckah!" than he flips over his pair of 9's. I have him covered slightly. It turns out not to matter as I river my case eight! BOOYAH! I got very lucky but I do not think I misplayed that hand at all.

The rest of the night consisted of a couple of mistakes with AK vs KK. Ya I ran my AK into kings twice. No help for me. AK really ended up hurting me last night. I fluctuated from 30K down to 14K where I made some nasty re-steals. One I remember was calling with A7c, the flop comes down 2 clubs.. and I check-raise the Button ALL IN. I think the button had bet pot or a little less. I felt it was a BS position steal bet and if I was wrong I had outs.

I also had a fun hand with the guy who would eventually bust me. This guy was a LuckDonk if I ever saw one. Kept getting all his chips in with the worse hand and winning. One funny example was another A7c s00ted hand. It was HU between me and Donk and he decides to push all in to steal my blind. I am a little low and while I do not want to call I figure I have to. He turns over 94o and AMAZINGLY makes a straight.. lucky that I flopped a flush.

My final hand happened when I had 20K in chips. I end up calling Donks all in push with AKo. He has AJo and I am pretty happy to get my chips in as a 80% leader. Can you say DOMINATED. Until at least the two jacks hit the flop. Not just one but TWO. Ouch.

One thing I keep asking myself over and over is did I have to call that? No really did I HAVE to call that? I will say it was not a bad call. I keep asking myself if these are the places I want to get my money in though. If I fold do I get a better hand later? I was pretty low in chips and may not have. I need to keep asking myself if I should fold. I want to try and take out as much luck as possible in my MTT game. Anytime you go all in pre-flop an amount of luck is involved. I want to see how much I can make my MTT experience a post game experience.

Obviously this can be hard. Almost every Donkey wants to push every hand they can. As I said in my previous post this is a good strategy for them. They are stupid. They can not outplay a sponge (Feminine, not Sea), and the only chance they have is to push and pray for a good outcome. They need to reduce a better players skill. So if I call them just because I have a hand with good potential I am doing what they want. I am reducing my edge. I want to stop doing this. I know to a point you can never really remove the all-in aspect of these MTTs but I want to keep looking for the right balance.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Super Donkout Ends Nice Run

Tired as hell. 2AM. Finished a deep run into the FT25K. Ended up 33rd. Total profit: 103$. Play money of course. Last hand: AK vs Super Donk AJ. JJ flop. At least it was over quick. One funny thing. I got a pain in my stomache when I saw that AK. It is like I knew. Actually no complaints though. Bankroll almost doubled. Played well. Went out when was favored by 80%. Had a 1 out suckout when my 88 set hit DBQ vs a 99 set. Played a mean game. Next time I am going deeper.

What kind of Frog are You?

I'm a Pixie Frog!

The African bullfrog, or Pixie frog as it is often called (because of it's latin name, not because it's as cute as a fairy!), is one of the largest frogs in South Africa. Usually, they hang out in open grassland, and if there are any to be found, they'll sit around in puddles. When startled, these frogs will blow up like balloons to scare away the intruder! In the dry season, they will burrow into the ground. These guys eat lots and lots of really big bugs, fish, mice, lizards, and even other frogs.

What kind of Frog are you?

Phear the Waffles

First of I have to say of all of the WKRP in Cincinatti episodes ever this is the funniest one ever. Thanks a ton to Haley for reminding me of this episode. If you know me well you can see why this appeals to my warped sense of humor.

I played in the Mookie last night. Some numbnuts scheduled it an hour early by accident so we only had 36 people playing. It really sucked. Someone must pay! I had one of the most interesting nights ever. Normally when I play these things I get SO MUCH action. However tonight EVERYONE pheared me or got no cards or something. I swear I got AA-QQ like ten times and never once got a call. Finally I am so short stacked I have to basically push with AK. WillyWankah calls me with JJ and Jack are Ok. Now I am the first person to say I love respect but that was crazy. I sense a conspiracy.

I also played a 90-peep SNG and had the same experience. I finally went out AQ vs AK with a small stack. Meh. I plan on having some fun tonight and busting a ton of Donks to take out my frustration.

I did play well enough in the Stud-8 and Razz cash games to cover all my loses and basically break even for the night. So not all was a loss.

Boring personal stuff below:
My wife is a freaking moron. I am sorry but she is just so annoying. She is a serious hypochondriac. She is the type that if her head itches she take an aspirin. Then she wonders why her body is so addicted that aspirin it is causing her to have constant headaches. I am the opposite. If I get a headache I wait until it becomes a brain tumor before going to the doctor. My normal remidy for a headache is to close my eyes under my covers and shut out the entire world until it goes away. If it will not go away I will finally capitulate and take an aspirin.

So anyway our lovely Son who has always been both brilliant, wonderful and charming.. and also a HUGE pain in the ass to deal with has been having some school issues. The way I see it is that subjects he likes and does well in like Math he applies himself and gets good grades. The subjects that bore him and are harder and need more repetative studying cause him to lose interest and not try. Hence he is falling behind is his reading and spelling.

He actually is a very brilliant child and I can entirely understand where he is coming from. I think the solution is to force him to study anyways. Not allow him to watch TV or play any games until he has studied properly and have him decide which is more boring: Learning some spelling words, or sitting at the table for hours. As parents we owe it to our children to torture them for their own good.

I did this with him last night and my wife complained that I was torturing him because he was whining and yelling that he WAS NOT going to STUDY. I just kept giving him his two options and eventually we made it through 3/4ths his spelling test correctly. I.E. He was forced to buckle down and he brought himself up to the challenge.

I have no doubt in my mind that he will be successful in the field he chooses to take part in. Like his Dad something will catch his interest. In my case it was computers. I have no idea what he will decide on.

However in school these days every kid must be normal. What is normal? I guess it is making the teachers day go as smoothly as possibly and making the school appear as if it is teaching kids something. If you do not follow these norms then you get labled as having a problem and they want to do all kinds of things to "Fix" you. I honestly beleive that if Albert Einstein went to public schools these days he would be on Ritalin and the only thing he would ever have discovered was how to tie his shoes.

I have seen the effects of giving children the easy excuses in life. My sister and I both had the exact same upbringing. We basically grew up in the projects. It was a semi-nice projects as in there were no shooting or beating and only a rape every once in a while. We had our hardships living in bug infested appartments and having to deal with being poor. My sister quickly found out that she could be labled as having a learning problem and not have to do any work. She basically was just pushed through school and is a failure to this day. Not because she is not smart or able to function but because everyone has always told her "Do not worry, it is not your fault, We will take care of you". I am sure my parents thought this was the right thing to do. The end result is an un-wed mother who sends her child to his grandparents so she can do her own thing and living off the welfare of the state and my parents. It is very dangerous to tell people they do not have to try. Although my parents tried to screw me up as bad as my sister they were only partially successfull as I never liked taking the easy way out.

So anyways I end up going to one of these school meetings and one of the teachers brings up ADHD or ADD. We finish up the conversation and the next day my wife is telling me how we need to go talk to a doctor about medication for the boy. Now while I have thought the kid might need medication for years now I made the logical assumption she was talking about Ritalin and told her I thought it was a bad idea. I looked through web pages and all kinds of material and talked to her and all this time she did not say a thing.

So we went to meet with the doctor today and it turns out that I was totally wrong. All the doctor was considering prescribing were some drugs for anxiety. It is a long story but the school and doctor think that he has alot of anxiety around not doing well in school and that some small dosage (1 drop) of some kind of medication might calm him down. I am not sure how I feel about this either but it is a hell of a lot better than what I have read about Ritalin. Side effects of that shit seem to be anything from Brain Damage, Death, Zombieizm, and Drug Addiction.

I can not tell you though how pissed off I am that my wife did not tell me that we were not seeing this doctor about anxiety and not ADD. When I mentioned to her and the doctor I thought we were here about that she said "I never said that". No fucking kidding bitch but might you have not said that earlier as I ranted about the evils of giving kids class II narcotics? Jesus. Most days I have no idea why I got married. We are just so different. I do know why I stay married but that is another story for another day.

So anyways just felt like getting that off my chest. I really need to step in and direct my son a hell of alot more than I have been doing. I refuse to let him settle for a mediocre life when I know he is capable of so much more. It is not easy dealing with someone with his force of mind and personality. Even his teacher has nicknamed him Donald Trump. She says "You do not tell Mr. Trump what to do, you just try and make a deal that works for both parties". It is pretty hard to not sleep most of the night (Insomnia and Sleep Apnia, What a fun combination!), then work all day (Wife is a stay at home mom and constantly tells me how hard it is especially with both kids in school from 9-3, whoo, I need to wipe the sweat from my brow just hearing about that tough schedule), and come home and have the energy to force structure into my sons life. I really do not think my wife is going to do it though so for his sake I need to get my act together and start taking care of things.

As with all of my ranting posts I reserve the right to express my own view of the world which may or may not reflect what other people consider sane.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pancake Night

Not much happened last night. Lost two MTTs. I was really not feeling it last night. I think I was too tired. Even so I made it to 25th in a 90-SNG.. then I decided to play stupid.. mainly because I was tired. Feels good to go out to a bad play and not a suckout. At least I can work on bad plays. I also pushed all my chips in in a 5.50 MTT when I knew I was going to get called and lose. Like I said I was not feeling it. After that I made an un-Waffle like decision to call it a night early. Fucking great read though, eh?

Tonight though. Your mine at the Mookie. I am playing some of the best MTT poker of my life lately and I am going to own you. Sign up and donate money to me. I predict a #1 finish. No? Well then come and try and stop me.

Wednesday Night
Full Tilt
9PM CT / 10PM ET / No Other Timezones matter
10$+1 NLHE
Password: Vegas1

Before I clean up the trash at the Mookie I am going to play a Token Race. I am going to win that too. I am then going to save that token for tomorrow night when I play the 20K Guarenteed. I am going to win that too. Just to show everyone that Hoy and Ick are not the only fucking people who can play that game. You all will THEN have to watch out because Waffles with money is dangerous.

I just noticed that Ick congradulated me and some other people had made comments that said "Congrats" and the like.. SO I went back and read my Midnight Maddness post again and I am sad to report I had to update it. I did not finish fifth which would be great I meant to type Fiftieth.. I guess between trying to figure out how to spell it correctly and trying not to collapse on the keyboard from exhaustion I mis-type fifth. Oops. Screw you all though, I WILL cash fifth!!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pimping The Mook

Since AlCantPimpATourney has badly failed to get 80 people to get out to the MOOK Tourney(T8o Rulez!!!) on Wednesday Night I figured I would give it a shot. Go there or else I send her to your house. I am connected. Ask Slb! I can make it happen!

Slob Is an Impatient Dork

Not to pick on Slob but I found his post on Full Tilt not paying him to be pretty sad. I can see his point that he did not want to wait to get paid. It is a given. However I tell the guy on Sunday that it is all taken care of and I also ask him to wait until EOD Monday to get his money because Full Tilt is a business and they probably do not work weekend. He then goes ahead and complains he is not getting paid by Full Tilt first thing on Monday. It makes me feel good that I went to bat for a guy who listens so well. NOT!

The other problem I have with the posting is the fact that a company as dedicated to its relationship with the players and especially the Blogger community is not going to start stiffing people for fifty bucks. It just is not going to happen. They have done a lot for a ton of Bloggers. They get alot of name recognition in the community for it. It is a good trade. I just feel Full Tilt has done more than enough to not be treated with that much disrespect. Anyway I have said my piece. All in all what Slb said was not too terrible but Full Tilt deserves more from us than that.

To Call or Not To Call

Played some Stud-8 tonight. Won a buyin. Had some fun with a mo-run. It was an interesting conversation.

BigMo123: had 2pr and 4 diamonds dasmn u lucky
SirFWALGMan: blah blah blah
SirFWALGMan: I had a good hand
SirFWALGMan: A low and a high
SirFWALGMan: what you want me to fold it?
BigMo123: u had a str8
BigMo123: yeah
BigMo123: i had outs
SirFWALGMan: i had a made low
SirFWALGMan: and a made high
BigMo123: but you didnt win the low
SirFWALGMan: ya so?
SirFWALGMan: I had a monster hand no way I
should fold that
BigMo123: stop being a toad
SirFWALGMan: lol
SirFWALGMan: stop whining like a baby
SirFWALGMan: or whimpering like a puppy
BigMo123: I'm not whining I'm just saying toad
SirFWALGMan: say it to someone who cares

Played a 2-table 18-person SNG. I took 3rd. Not a bad finish. I ended up going out when I pushed my eights into his tens or something stupid like that. Pocket pairs are strong with 3-peeps so I do not feel that bad.

Played the MIDNIGHT MADDNESS. I cashed for my first time in it. Nothing big. Fiftieth place out of like 1000 peeps. It was alot of fun. I went out on a hand that could not be called a BAD play but I wonder if there was a better spot.

** EDIT: Fiftieth not fifth. Lol. What a retard. I was wondering why people were congradulating me. lol. Moron.

I had 14K in chips. The blinds were 1600/800 ante-150. Another short stack with 11K raises 4800. I come over the top of him with AQo. He calls. He flips over 88. I do not improve. I am debating if this was the right move. I had a good hand. I had a chance to win. I lost the hand. Would it have made more sense to wait for something better or for the chance to be the aggressor? I think probably it would have.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oreo Man Speak, You Listen

The Oreo man had a nice post today. These are the questions I constantly ask myself when talking to players like Joanne and MiamiDon. If you can not play post flop you are just playing the lottery.

As I continue my journey into growing as a poker player I start to hate more and more the push monkey mentality. The surest way to even the skill gap between a weak player and a strong player is being a push monkey. If there is no post flop play then it is just your two cards vs my two cards. Any two year old can do that.

If you consider yourself a weak player, someone who is not very good at the game, then this is a good thing for you to do. Look down at your cards. Decide if it is likely you are ahead. Shove your entire stack in. On the nights when you get called and win a hand you will have amassed a huge amount of chips. If you can do this 2-3 times you actually may win.

If you consider yourself a student of the game do not do this. The more I play the less I like the mentality of shoving your AK in pre-flop because "Well I had a 45% chance of winning". Try and get your money in much further ahead than 46%. You will still lose huge hands as I do and you will experience much more pain since your likely much further ahead than you are used to. However I believe the rewards for this style of play will show up. At the very least I can look at myself in the mirror every morning and say "Fuck I am good". Being self delusional is also a good trait for poker player. As long as you keep learning.

Wired Pairs Back In Action

The bitch is back.. go welcome Fluxer.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Can AA ever hold up? Last 5x vs KK,99,A4o, 58o and some other bitch ass hand they have killed me. Once to lose in 6th place in a 90-SNG, and the last to lose in 30th place in the same SNG.. I could have done alot with 60K and 10K chips respectively. Just. Not. Happy. I really suck at Poker. I always get my money in as an 80%+ favorite and hardly ever win. If I could learn to win with dominating hands THEN I could make some money.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Waffled Again

I played a 90 person SNG on Full Tilt. It is my second one. Three times I had 80%+ hands and all three times they failed me. The most painful was when it was down to six people. The guy in EP pushes. The second guy cold calls. I look down and find Aces. I jam and the second guy calls. The pot at this point is over 60K in chips. I win this pot and I am in good shape for a top 3 finish. The other people turn over A4o and KQo. I am in GREAT shape until the winning hand becomes 45678. A four card runner-runner straight. Ug. A4 is g00t. Lucky for me I got to keep 20K of my chips which actually did not get me much further.

I earned a first tier token. I used it on a second tier token run. I made the most collossal fundemental mistake you can make in one of these. With eight people left I jam my sixes. I am not sure why. I had just lost a hand AK vs A2 when he made a flush on the river. Yes another 80% fav down the drain. Really when you get to that final table your only job is to fold to 6th. I might have made a small mistake by calling A2o with AK s00ted but I can live with that. The pocket sixes mistake was not forgivable. Oh well. At least I have some confidence I can win one of these.

The night was not all doom and gloom.. I won a 70$ pot in PLO8 again. Three guys call my all in when I have the nut hi-low. Second high boat and some dude with a flush. Weird. So the bankroll has trippled in the past few days which is nice. Hopefully I can qualify for the Big Game tomorrow.

Friday, November 03, 2006

FU Fridays at one of my Favorite Blogs

FU Republican Congress passing laws that allow you to abduct anyone you want INCLUDING ME off the street and torture them without Due Process or any rights afforded your pet let alone a human being.. and then you come into my freaking house and tell me I can not play Online Poker. You and your sef righteous conservitive boy fucking Republican Nazi's can kiss my ass.

Hey you were right, that was cool. - SirF Doing what he does best

Go check out Crystal's FU Fridays! She started a good thing I think. Go give her a rant or two.

** Fixed the link. She took down the post because of some complaints. I really do not respect that but it is her blog. You can read the explaination at her blog.

Rest In Peace Brother

They don't work worth crap when I have AQ, raise in the CO, flop nothing and the [censored] I am playing has 10 8 on a J 8 3 flop. He will call (or raise) my continuation bet EVERYTIME, and if I don't hit my A or Q he will call me again. A king can come out, no matter, he won't believe me, he KNOWS I NEED an A or a Q. This is how it has gone for me for an incredibly long stretch. - Tony

Please spend a moment of silence with me for our dearly departed brother Tony, AKA Tough Fish. I found his videos amusing and his ranting very inspiring and I hoped he could continue on. In all honesty I find his attitude pretty good. He is trying to learn and become a better player and overcome all of his many flaws. I think in some ways he is too wealthy for his own good. I beleive he buys in for large amounts and immediatly starts in with the 2/4 and above games. His game might improve if he takes a step down and learns to beat 1/2 or something of that sort.

Reading through the 2+2 forum I realized something: The people at 2+2 are all idiots. I really do not like any of them. I have never seen such prideful, boastful, arrogant, self centered people since the Republican party or John Kerry. If you all fell down a pit and died I would not shed a tear. Freaking waste of my air.

'Nuff said. Hope to see Tuff Fish rebound someday and give poker a real shot if he wants to otherwise best of luck to him in life.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sometimes its Easy

You call a pre-flop bet for $5 in a PLO8 game with a high hoping the other guy just has a low or something. Heck, you are getting 3:1 pre-flop so why not. It is Omaha right? The flop comes something like the following.. and well, your opponent tries to catch his Boat.. Nice, ehh?

Oh yeah, umm, grinding, right..

Strange Night

I had a weird night. Starting off the festivities I got totally destroyed by the river in Razz and Stud.. I found myself down 2.5 buyins REAL quick. It was so annoying. I then got into the Mookie. First Kitty makes a donkey move calling my raise with ATo. I only say this because I love you and do not want to see you get hurt. Stop playing like CC, ATo is no g00t. Of course it was in this situation and I quickly find myself in the hole for 1/3 my stack. C-Bets suck sometimes. I next find myself with AJ and get called and the flop comes Txx. I bet, raise, and push.. mostly because I figure I have two overs and by the time I c-bet (a little too much by accident) I was pretty much committed. My opponent turns over 99 for second pair. I fully admit I lost the Mookie due to bad play although I do not like any persons play in either of these hands myself included.

So then I start a night of chatting with JJ and playing 5.50 MTTs. I start out with the PL08 MTT. I am pretty pathetic at PL08 but not as bad as most of the people on Full Tilt.

[00:42] jj: ok, so I have 34,000 FT points
[00:42] jj: what should I buy
[00:42] SirFWALGMan: ummm
[00:42] SirFWALGMan: me a Jacket for Christmas
[00:42] jj: no way dumbass
[00:42] jj: hahahahhahahaha

I played a great game and ended up going out in 11th. I had 5K in chips. My opponent had 7Kish. He tries to steal my blind. I look down and see A23 s00ted. I re-raise all in and he calls. Of course his KT87 wins when it boats. No low. I go from have a slightly favorite hand pre-flop to losing. Total profit: 5.50 or so?

We then move on to the HORSE MTT. Another 5.50 affair.

[00:44] SirFWALGMan: i cant beleive how many chips I lost to that fucktard
[00:44] JJ: dude, not even a quarter of your stack
[00:44] JJ: take it like a man
[00:45] SirFWALGMan: lol
[00:45] SirFWALGMan: i need those chips more than that fucktard
[00:46] SirFWALGMan: 30 of 74
[00:46] SirFWALGMan: i need more cheeps
[00:46] SirFWALGMan: lol
[00:49] JJ: got 7K points at stars
[00:49] JJ: haven't played there in ages
[00:49] SirFWALGMan: 31 of 73 dude
[00:49] SirFWALGMan: i need chips this round
[00:49] SirFWALGMan: or i am doooooooomed
[00:50] JJ: go get em
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: i tried
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: lol
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: fucktard and his flush flop
[00:50] JJ: unfort that retard lost your chips already
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: no thats good
[00:50] SirFWALGMan: i hate him more than I want the chips back
[00:50] JJ: haha
[00:50] JJ: hahahahahah

It went very well too and I ended up in 16th place. I forget the exact hand that hurt me but I again got my money in as a favorite and lost. Oh well. Not everyone can be a Lucktard like Icky. Go congrat him on his 6th place finish in the FT 20K.

These nights are weird.. I lost money. People might say "Hey your able to play alot of different types of Poker" and "Hey you finished ITM twice".. I really need to win. Even second feels hollow to me at times. I expect myself to be the best and anything less is unacceptable.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Jewels my life sparkles less without you. Evil thing called work. What the hell is wrong with Graham anyways? Does he not know you should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen making him dinner. Dammit.

Everyone who does not live across the world and have a new job make sure you hit up the Mookie tonight. Al can find some even more digusting pictures to post. I have total faith in him. Eighty people to avoid doom. We can do it!

Grinding is going Meh. Up and down. Like grinding is suppose to go. I hope to win the Mook tonight and pad the bankroll a little more. I really need to take down the Blog of the Month.. It is like an Ad for Wicked Chumps poker. I am too lazy to look for good blogs every month. I will have to figure out something new and clever to put up.