Monday, September 29, 2008

Little Bitch

Hello my people. Waffles here. SO I was sitting down at a 10$ NLHE table. Not 10/20, ten dollahs. I was reading an article from Ed Miller and he said a few things about aggression that got me thinking. Cash game only. So anyway. The part I liked. The thing that caught my attention. He said "You have to be willing to lose your buyin multiple times". Especially in short stacked games like we play you have to be aggressive and be will to shove it in. So anyway I wanted to focus on being willing to lose 5-10BI and not have it effect me. So I sat down at the kiddie tables.

So I did pretty well. I was about even then I lost a little. I invited my boys PE, PushMonkey, and Bayne to join me. We were having a fun time. Shoving over each other. Running over the table. I was playing the maniac role bigtime and make huge all in calls with T9o and shit like that. I mean it was nuts. However it did not matter since it was baby money. I think I may have learned something from that tonight.

So we all are minding our own business and this dude comes over and he is all like "Pushmonkey you fucking retard play me HU for 500". So like Pushmonkey is my boy and NOBODY but me calls him a fucking donkey. Not some Full Tilt fucktard that is for sure. Especially one on the rail. So he goes on and on and I start saying he had a threesome with his moms and his grandmoms in his moms basement where he lives and shit.

Finally I get his attention. He is like "You wanna play HU for 500?".. SO I really do not want to do that. I mean I have been a good boy lately with the bankroll. This guy keeps going on and on. So I say "I only play 1k and above". I go through all this shit to prove I have 1k and then he is like "nah I only play 500".. We go back and forth but he will not shut the fuck up. Now I am getting pissed.

So finally I say fuck it. I am going to school this motherfucker. Waffles style baby. So I sit down at the 500/SNG HU and to my great surprise he sits down after me. First hand I have JJ and go over the top of him. I say "Bitch, you are weak, and I am going to run over you".

We talk a bit. We play like 5 hands. I finally get crabs baby. No not the kind that Wes's dates have. The 33 man. The penultimate hand right? The stone cold nuts HU? So I raise. I had been raising a lot. I also really played donkish at the 10$ table. So he calls. I flop the set with an Ace on the board. I am SURE I am getting paid. I bet. He calls. The turn is a heart. Now I think he might have a flush. So I lead out on the turn. He decides to just call. I am a little worried now. Until the board pairs on the river. I lead out for pot. He jams all in. I show the boat and he shows the J high flush. Slow play. No pay.

So lesson to you people out there. Waffles backs his boys and do not fuck with a break even player they will eat you alive motherfuckers.

Politics and WoW

So we are finding out that Pallin is a ditz. Is this a surprise? While you fucking egg heads were pissing your pants over that advanced Calculus quiz Pallin was out LIVING. She was shooting down beer kegs and giving out blow jobs in the bathroom. Because SHE IS PRETTY and YOU ARE NOT. So you have a HUGE head start on her. Give the lady a break. "Tits for Vice President" - Waffles Approved.

On the WoW front I actually did a very fun quest last night.

I headed up to Tarren Mill. In a graveyard I met up with this really pissed off dead guy. Apparently the humans of Southshore killed him AND BURIED HIM! OMG WTF! I relate as I am an undead rogue on this server because a blogger asked me to. He will remain nameless because he will kick my ass if I out him as a WoW nerd.

Anyway this fucker made me run all over the place charging up his scepter. Then I snuck down to Southshore which is an alliance town. I crept down there with my rogue and planted the scepter in his grave, expecting him to summon a vast horde of undead killers to spread his deadly vengeance. The guy comes and I watch him walking around the graves. He is not doing anything. Just walking and looking around. So I am getting kind of pissed off at him. I turn to the huge hulking Tauren warrior blogger and say "Go get a guard to come over here".. so he chases down a guard and brings him back.

Holy fuck. My guy flips out then and starts this dark magic casting. He calls doom upon the helpless guard and summons four fiends from the grave to destroy the poor fool. I cackle with glee. My brutish friend who has much brawn but not too many brains decides he will jump on his Kodo and pull in a whole town full of guards. He succeeds but is slain in the process. My powerful dead friend destroys the guards the warrior brought. I then un-stealth and fall on the floor laughing my head off.

Unfortunately my cackles of glee attract the attentions of a high level Paladin. The self righteous fool comes charging in at me. "By all that is holy I smite you Horde Rogue!" he yells. I tremble in my boots because he is much much higher level than I am. He swings at me once and then my sorcerer looks at him and yell "By all that is UNHOLY you will die Paladin scum!".. and before the defender of light can take another swing at me he is surrounded by four more ghouls who all start wacking the shit out of him. He quickly turns from me and tries to defend himself. I return to my previous howling in glee. He runs off with my defenders in hot pursuit. Eventually with the help of the guards they defeat my evil minion. However as a wise rogue I have stealthed a long time ago and am watching from a distance.

My grumbling warrior friend finally makes it back but before we can continue adventuring he has to go change some poopy diapers. So our night is over but a fun one it was, at least for me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Awesome Finish

I am really touched that we got ninety people to come out to the Mookie. It meant a lot. I had a GREAT time and even though I finished up about 12 short of the goal it was all worth it. Great job to LJ for defending her title. You are a champion. I really had the best time playing poker tonight.

I played a decent game too. Had my share of suckouts against people and lost some key hands where I was ahead. Finally had to jam into Mikey and could not pull out a suckout.

All in all one of the best nights I have had this month. Thank you all for keeping the excitement high and coming out for the finale. Next time I will make you all proud.

Moose is back on the Loose

My Character MooseLover (used to be MooseNipple but the communists at Blizzard made me change it) is finally back. All his equipment is back. He is doing pretty well. I am happy with the final resolution basically. I did lose 100g on my Warlock unfortunately. All things being equal though that is not horrible.

Is it Wednesday?

Tonight is the night. Let's get the numbers up and pop that 80 person cherry. I know we have eighty people out there. The BBT3 generated at least that many. See you then.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Beat

Maybe it is Wednesday maybe that super light particle machine ceated a black hole that transferred us back a day but only certain people realize this happened
[13:53] SirFWALGMan

It is fucking Tuesday? Jesus. What a bad beat. I have to work an extra day this week now. Blah.

Anyway TOMORROW night is the Mookie. I am adding a prize to the Mookie tomorrow night. If we get enough people to cover the bet I am putting up an extra $109 to the winner whoever that might be. It should be used to buyin to an MTT but if you want to keep the cash it is cool with me.

So there you have it. An extra $109 on top if we can ramp up the Mookie numbers enough to give me a shot at beating LJ. Think we can do it? I think there is a good chance to get that many people. The buzz is heating up. Get everyone there. Also many thanks to BoneDaddy for a great idea to get an extra $11 in the prize pool :P.


Tonight is the Mookie. Final possible chance to catch up to LJ. She has done her best and has put this pretty much out of reach. We need to get around eighty people to join in order for me to have a shot.

My last two sessions of poker have sucked balls. I have dropped like a hundred each time to asshats who get incredibly fucking lucky. To be honest I am not even feeling like playing tonight. I guess my mood might perk up if we do actually get the eighty people we need but I am annoyed right now. Oh well.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Yea or Nay

So I was perusing What would Tyler Dork do. I have no idea why I like this blog. Mostly for the pictures of sexy women I guess. Who the fuck is he anyways? Someone told me once but I forgot. He is an idiot.

Anyway he thinks that Doutzen Kroes is super gorgeous. I looked at some of the pictures of her. She is ok. Nothing great. What do you think?

So then I looked on the internet for some pictures of her.

It makes me think with a little airbrushing and makeup I could be not repulsive.


OMFG! I have NEVER seen an ass whipping like the one Miami gave to the Patriots. Believe me I have seen some bad ass whippings too. I mean cmon. You read this blog right? They were dominated in every position. In their own house. Wow. I could understand if the Offense worked poorly because of Cassel but they were just owned. Defense. Could not stop a run. I mean Miami just walked up and down the field. Offense. Turnovers and wobble passes that will get it done. Coaching. In Bill we trust but he was just schooled baby. I mean he was owned up and down and all around. He looked like a fucking high school coach. Wow. I give a ton of credit to Miami for the game they played. It was just amazing. Hopefully the Patriots will not be this bad all year. I doubt they will be but only time will tell. Anyway I am sure 99% of America, AKA The Hatahs will be happy. Have fun. Remember to play Wednesday night too. Tell your friends.

I am thinking of putting up a buyin to a Sunday event if we make enough people to give me a shot at beating LJ. I will post more information on that tomorrow. So get your grandma out of the nursing home and lets make this final game fun.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I know..

I know you guys have missed my Warcraft updates. Here is my latest comment on Blizzards customer service survey.

I hate Blizzard. I have gone from loving your company to hating your guts more than you will ever know. All I ask in a company is a professional mannerism. It has been five days since my account has been hacked. I have no idea if anyone is working on it. I have no way to tell if anyone is doing anything about it. I have nobody to call. I am just floating in space hoping that someone gives a fuck. Well maybe Warhammer cares more about its customers than Warcraft. I guess instead of buying Wrath of the Litch King I should buy a new game and see if the customer service is any better. I feel this way because you have no system in place to help your customers in the event of their accounts being compromised.

In essence my MAIN problem is not the time it is taking to fix this or the fact I got hacked and I think it is their fault. My MAIN problem with BLIZZARD and WORLD OF WARCRAFT is that there is no customer service here. I can not call anyone. I can not see the status of my issue. I have no fucking idea if anyone is working on it or if they just forgot all about me and do not give a fuck. There really has to be a better system. Cocksucker.

Peace out and have fun this weekend.

Bloggering Can Be Good

It is nice to know some people are trustworthy without even thinking about it. With the whole aftermath of the recent lending scandal I thought it might be nice to highlight one of the good transactions. Irongirl was looking to trade some money on Pokerstars for Full Tilt. We had been exchanging blog comments back and forth but had not connected yet. So I just shipped her the cash on Stars last night fully expecting there to be no problems. I would say we are casual friends. I did meet her at one of the Blogger events and she is correct that I was staring at her boobies. I guess that alone makes us casual friends at least to me. Probably leering perv to her. We each have our own place in the Blogger world right? Anyway everything went off without a hitch. The funds were in my FT account within and hour and all was well.

Now I am not advocating trusting people with funds so much because there are plenty of people out there that will take advantage. I will say it is nice to know there are some good people out there.

As far as pokering goes I had a good night. I ended up taking first in a 3-table SNG and doubled up in LO8. The thing that is most important for people to realize with limit games is that you are not some special person who can earn more than everyone else. Your results will average out to 3-4BB/100 at best. That does not mean you will make 16 bucks a night per table. What that means is you will win two buyins then lose a buyin or two then win another one. It is a crazy process and losing is a big part of it.

Until Next Time Remember: Be Break Even Like Waffles.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get Your Ass To The Mookie

LJ has done her best and has all but nailed the coffin shut. The only shot we have is if every loyal reader comes and plays the Mookie next week. This is a shout out to all of you. Burned out on the Mookie? Who gives a fuck. If you have enjoyed the ranting and raving over the past several years get your ass to the Mookie next Wednesday. Wife says she will kill you if you miss hymies Bartmistfah next week? Fuck her. There are more important things in life. Get your ass to the Mookie. On location in Atlantic City? Who gives a fuck. Pull yourself out of the hooker bar and get your ass to the Mookie. Weekly regulars to the Mookie bring in fifty five people. We need to get it up to 80 to guarantee a big enough prize pool to give me a shot to beat LJ. So? Say it with me people... GET YOUR ASS TO THE MOOKIE!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day Three of Exile

Finally I am back in my WoW account. My guys are still off in la la land. I went in to check my account. The most import stuff IE My Gear is still intact. I did lose my Zaphod Mote Extractor which is my biggest money maker. I also lost all my gold and my primals. Sort of a funny aside I was stranded in Netherstorm because the guy sold or got rid of all of my regents for teleporting and I had no money to fly back to Shatt. Thankfully he left me my EPiC mount and I was able to fly back pretty fast.

I deleted the contents of my entire addon directory but funny enough when I logged into my Horde character I saw all the addons load up. Does anyone know how to remove every addon?

The funniest thing that got stolen from me was my Gnomes Shoes. He is sitting in town broke with no shoes. His little piggy toes must be cold. *cry*. Anyhow. I am in a better mood now that I can actually login. I really hope to get my gold and equipment back. Who knows what will happen though. My son the Alt-aholic has a ton of under level twenty characters also and I have no idea if any of them were robbed. I am not too concerned though.

For now I am not typing in the WoW password. I was unable to find any keyloggers or any way my password could be stolen except by brute force hack which seems somewhat unlikely. This is all very strange.

Played a little poker. Not a good night. Only ended down like fourty. The fucking ridiculous calls people make were incredible though. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage.

As for my post about hair yesterday if you take me too seriously you will become a hatah. Please take everything I say with a grain of salt. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

Do not miss the MOOKIE tonight. Two shots left for me to take out LJ. I am in firing range to do it tonight with a win. Peace out peeps.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So what is more offensive.

A. That Obama mentioned a lipsticked up Hoe Pig and everyone in America assumed it was Pallin. If I was her I would be mortified. I mean you mention lipstick on a pig and everyone jumps to her. Wow. That is a knock on the old esteem. I for one would totally fuck her lipstick or not.

-- OR --

B. Obama Waffles. I love the good ole boy explanation "Yall calm down we was jus havin some fun". I do like the fact that they did not care at all about being politically correct.

On a totally different subject. I find Women's Haircuts to be funny. I mean these foo foo places charge you guys five gazillion dollars to do your hair. I have a little tip for you all. WE DO NOT FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR HAIR. You could be bald with swastika tattoo's all over your head. As a matter of fact try it. You heard me. Go shave your head bald. Get those tats. Now go up to some guy. Where is he looking? YES! DING DING DING! You win! HE IS LOOKING AT YOUR TITS!!!! HIS EYES NEVER MAKE IT PAST YOUR NECK. So why the hell are you spending so much money on haircuts? To look good for yourself? PATHETIC! Get a man dammit!

Ok. That must have been rant backup syndrome. I really respect and honor women. No no no. My eyes are not staring at your tits. Noooo. Nah. Nope.

Hacked Day Two

I may have to go back to playing poker.

I talked to an account manager yesterday and they said there is no voice line for compromised accounts. You can not call and talk to someone even if you want to. There also is no clear place to email for this issue. I was told two places to email about my compromised World of Warcraft account and have only received one email in response asking for additional information. Hopefully this will get things moving.

On a side note it is kind of funny that I have to deal with a support person named Nefearius or something. Probably some faggot dwarf butt fucking Warlock or something. I mean I enjoy the immersive aspect of Warcraft but when my account gets hacked I want to talk to a fucking person not some pimply faced geek hiding behind his GM account. Fucktards.

I was disappointed to be told it could take 2 weeks to a month or more to get things settled. We will have to see how quickly it really gets resolved. Meanwhile I have no access to my account and yet they continue to bill me. Yay! So I asked if I would be billed for the time I lost on my account and they said "sure why not, It is your own fault your account got compromised". They then said I downloaded a bad add-on that stole my data or something. Now I will not dispute this yet however I mentioned that I only download from Blizzard approved sites. I was then told that Blizzard does not approve any Add-on. I could have sworn there was a Blizzard page that had approved add-on's and where to download them. I can not find it right now though. However providing a whole way to modify the gaming system then saying its your own fault for using it is pretty fucked up.

So anyway I took some of the suggestions here. I ran three scanners against my entire system. McAffee which I have running all the time. Spybot Search and Destroy and Ad Aware. Neither one picked up any generic loggers. I also checked running processes and did not see anything weird. I fired up WoW and saw no weird processes added to my list.

The final step I will be taking is to remove all Add-on's and reinstall them. You really will not be allowed to raid with people without a minimum of Ogre and Vent. So not having any add-on's is not an option. If Blizzard says it is then they are fucking crazy. I would like to see them get invited to raid Kara without Ogre. Fucking pull aggro off the tank all the time and see how fast you get booted.

I am not sure what else I should try to look for. I am pretty sure there is no keylogger. Not 100 percent but I used the top removal tools available and they found nothing. I also have a firewall that blocks incoming traffic. So I am left with brute force hack against the WoW servers or I fucked up somewhere and somehow gave out my password. All of this is very strange.

As someone who takes security seriously and knows a little about it I am baffled and a little obsessed to figure out what the fuck went wrong. Ah well. I will keep you posted and let you know if Blizzard does right by me. If not there is always Warhammer.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I iz Live Rly!

I am alive. Sorry for the lack of posts just not very excited right now. Nothing bad has happened on the poker front. My WoW account however was hacked and raped. This has me really pissed off. It will probably be a week before it all gets straightened out. Right now it is closed and disabled. I have no idea how this happened. I am pretty careful with passwords. This one was fairly safe at 8 chars long 4-alphas 4-numerics. Kind of scary it was hacked. Not sure what happened. I went to bed at 2AM and I wake up at 9AM and find out that my characters had been transferred to another server. I quickly send a tech support email saying my account had been compromised. I received an automated note that my account was disabled like 30 minutes later. I am not sure if this is for a violation of terms of services or if Blizzard actually shut it down because I told them it was compromised.

This annoys me and all but it is just a game and my liability here is low. I am hoping this was just a brute force attack and not some sort of keylogger. If it is a keylogger then I could be in for a world more pain. The only other thing I can think of is some inside job at Blizzard.

So I guess the process will be getting my account back. Getting my characters moved back to their home realms. The last part will be getting all my high end gear back. It has probably be shipped off to other accounts and sold. The crew at blizzard says on the homepage it can take up to a week to get your equipment back. Without equipment you are basically useless so this hurts badly. Now if they were nice they would just give me a full S4 PVP set and make me a happy customer. Not likely though. So for a while I am screwed.

I really can not figure out how they got into my account. It is driving me nuts.

I did survive the Fantasy Football pool for another week. Wheeeeee! I think we lost about half the people in the pool. Poor Bayne. I told him who to pick but he did not listen. So a total of 14 people remain of the original 37. I think my pick for this week was easy so hopefully I will survive one more time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Waffles News Friday

Women Drugged, Sexually Assaulted in 'Prayer Sessions'.

Police said she attended numerous prayer sessions with the men at various hotels in Sydney between 2001 and 2005, during which she was blindfolded and sexually assaulted.

Police said she paid the men up to 70,000 Australian dollars (US$56,200) for the sessions.

Where do I find a chick like that? Damn. All the good ones are already taken.

Suspect Jumps Wall, Plunges Screaming Off Cliff
Um good?

Candidates Call End to Truce With Attack Ads
“Things have changed in the last 26 years. But McCain hasn’t. He admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer, can’t send an e-mail,” the narrator says. “After one president who was out of touch, we just can’t afford more of the same.”

The ad includes unflattering footage of McCain at a hearing in the early ’80s, wearing giant glasses and an out-of-style suit, interspersed with shots of a disco ball, a clunky phone, an outdated computer and a Rubix Cube.

I am not all that political but I do hate old people so lets fuck with McCain. How fucking stupid do you have to be to not be able to send email? I mean cmon. It is one fucking click. I personally could never vote for someone who was not a nerd. Especially an old fuck computer illiterate bastard.

Experts: Giant Ike's Size Driving Massive Storm Surge
The National Hurricane Center is forecasting a 20-foot surge — a rapid rising of water inundating areas and moving inland — for a large swath of Texas and the Louisiana coasts. Above that, the center predicts "large and dangerous battering waves." Waves could be 50 feet tall, said hurricane center spokesman and meteorologist Dennis Feltgen.

Some computer models have waves topping out at 70 feet, but the waves usually break well before hitting shore, so the maximum usually doesn't get quite that high.

Cowabunga dude! Surfs up!!! In all seriousness good luck to JJ. I guess good luck would mean he would come back tomorrow and suddenly have beach front property? Hopefully everyone is safe in this nasty storm and the liberal media at Fox is lying to us like usual.

Police Illegally Taped Nursing Home Sex, Wisconsin Court Rules

Have a fun weekend. I probably will stay away from the tables until next week. See you then.

Shitty Night

Kept getting fucked on the river and let it get to me. Got pissed off. Blew some cash. Nothing too bad. Down a couple hundred for the night. Extra motivation to win the bet? nah. lol. Jesus though when people keep calling you with two outs and you can not win a single hand for two full buyins what the fuck can you do? blah. Was fun calling Wankah a fucktard though. Probably not good for the poker game though.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I am such a dumbass. I actually have TWO more games to win the bets with Bayne, LJ and IT. Derr. I thought next week was my last shot. Hahahaha! Nice!

The Bet Continues

So I did what I needed to this week. Now I just have to take first next week. I finished up in 6th place. I probably could have gone deeper but I made a move to try and get control of the game. My blinds kept getting raised by Kiev and I finally decided to make a stand. I shoved my J8. I knew he had to call from a pot odd perspective. However I knew he had shit cards. So I raced late to basically get the chip lead for the table. I thought the move through and I went with it. The flop came QT to give me a gutter but I was not able to pull it out. The river gave Kiev a straight. SO I could have folded and maybe moved up maybe not.. but I tried to give myself a shot to take the whole thing down.

I actually did make a few huge laydowns which was good. I also sucked out pretty good with a flush draw and 55 vs JJ. Both were rivered flushes. Next week should be interesting to say the least.

Props to LJ

Poker Enthusiast: I could play the mookie tonight
Poker Enthusiast: I could even chip dump:)
Poker Enthusiast: to bayne
SirFWALGMan: lol
SirFWALGMan: dump to LJ
SirFWALGMan: she is prettier

PE with friends like that who needs Chad. Seriously though he has been writing some funny shit. I mean him slam dunk? I met him. No way. Ok maybe when he was young and spry.

Have you been watching any of the ESPN coverage of the WSOP? I watched a little last night. I really liked the interview with Mike "The Mouth" Matusow. He seems to have really made some great changes in his attitude. He went from thinking he was the unluckiest player ever to having more positive vibes. All it got him was a bracelet or something. I am sure he has his slip up moments and the mouth persona will always be lurking but I like the steps he has taken. I think I have make a lot of strides in that direction also. Could a bracelet be in my future? Only time will tell.

Tonight is a must win in my grudge match against LJ. I like giving her a lot of shit like everyone else does but she has the right mentality for MTT play. I have tried to adopt a more aggressive style myself. Sometimes you end up looking stupid or getting trapped but the aggression and chip gathering is what enables you to survive the inevitable lost coin flip. It is necessary. The trick I think is being able to turn it on and off at the right times. Anyway I give mad props to LJ and her success at MTTs. She really is a great player. It is cool to see she likes Sci-Fi too. Your really a nerd at heart right LJ?

I am hoping that I take a top three spot tonight to keep our bet alive for the final week. It will be really tough but I am going to put my best effort into it. Hope to see a lot of you there tonight so we can rack up the prize pool and make things interesting. Good luck.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Home Game

Had some fun playing in a home game. This is probably my first home game since I learned to play break even poker. I followed the guidelines of my new book and failed. I actually made a profit. Do not worry though there is a second book in the works. What to do if you make a profit. It should be out about the time pigs fly or hell freezes over. I would assume the second one because the ole Pig-A-Polt is pretty damn close to completion.

The game was pretty fun. I had a good time drinking and playing. I also did the Bloggers proud by winning the first SNG and taking second in the next one. I gave back some of the profits in the next two games and the cash game. It is pretty hard to take a quarters cash game seriously.

I pretty much just played the SNG games as big as possible. If I flopped a good pair or a monster draw I tried to get it all in. Seemed to work pretty well. Of course busting the pregnant wife of the host may not guarantee a return invite. Oh well. Hopefully I will be doing a few more of these. I really like tossing the live chips but Foxwoods is a bit far to go on a regular basis.

Make sure you do not miss the Mookie. I have two shots to dethrone the Queen. At one point I had her down to a fourty buck lead but in true royal fashion she sucked out against aces ninety times and took down a Mookie. Now I have to have a win and a top five finish in the next two games in order to win.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Fun Times

I hit up the Riverchasers last night. Went into the final table with a HUGE lead. Pulled a MAJOR bluff on AlCantHang. Laughed for half an hour as he called me a moron. Then I lost two coin flips and made a couple bad calls against Hoyazo and my night was over. Well worth the price of admission.

Played the 3/6 LO8 game with Bayne. Wow is that a fucking fish fest. I lost one buyin to some retard chasing a low and then rebought. Played aggravated poker for a little while. Trippled my buyin. Finally finished up 1/3 a buyin. Not bad given the bad start. I really am not sure what adjustments I need to make to beat that game. Being looser is wrong. However when five people limp every pot and call every raise I think raising my scooping hands is a good idea. Normally you want more people in with these hands but if people are not folding then you might as well get more money into the pot. Not really sure the key to these games. I just feel the juiciness.

Went 1 and 1 in HU NLHE. Had a guy call me a fucking big ass fish. So I wiped the floor with him. That was awesome. I pulled a Veneno on him and said "Golly I just play for the fun of it". He was not amused. Funniest thing though is he did not signup for a rematch. If someone is a fish you should always get a rematch.

Congratz to Evy for fifth place finish. As much crap as people give her about her game I think she continue to improve and is actually a decent player. Even if she is not all you faggots who say she sucks have never made a score that big so nah nahh nah nahhhhhhh nah. Keep it up girl.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Go Evy Go! Shake them Titties!

Evy is doing fantastic at the Borgata. Follow along as Dr. Pauly reports the breaking bustouts. He gets 11 cents for every bustout he reports! Yay! Haha just giving my favorite reporter a hard time. I am really pulling for Evy (not that way!) and hope she finishes off (not that way!).. She is currently in 14th place out of like 1200. The buyin was like $300 and that means if I could do math first place would be a big amount. She currently is guaranteed over 2K in cash. If I was smarter I could give you a figure. Anyway GOOOOOOOOOOOO EVY GO! We are all pulling for you *(not that way!). Peace.

Smart People

Can someone smart explain something to me. I have read in multiple blogs that "Liberal media is biased against the republicans". I may or may not agree with this. However the authors then go on to quote US magazine. Now I had to go to their website to make sure but is this not like the National Enquirer? I mean their hot story of the day is how fat some celebrity on the beach is. Do you really want to use that magazine as your example of how the media is treating Republican's? Why not just say the media believes in fucking UFO's and quote the National Enquirer. I mean give me a fucking break. At least make a valid point. Show me some NEWSPAPER that proves your point not some fucking flaming paparazzi rag. You might be right about your assumption but your examples suck ass.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Take That Hatahs

Bayne Iz Phear Me

He hiding today. No Chat. He afraid. Mookie came out of the woodwork so I got my traditional MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! in. Everything is falling in place. Three games to take down a win and a small cash. Can LJ slam the door in my face before I do that? Will she lucksack into another victory cracking Aces with her A3o or will I out lucksack her tonight and make it interesting. Will the Asian Undies turn out to be a sign of my impending victory. I think if Cayne is not at my starting table it will be a good sign. Peace out peeps. See you tonight.

Good Luck Signs

Copped a look at Asian panties today! Woot! The ole check off the glass in the restaurant move. Totally a good luck sign! Especially since they were white.


Mookie better sign on today. I have to do my ritual MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!! Mookies doing this to sabtage me. LJ paid him off. Everyone is against me.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Revenge of the Fat Men

First off I have to apologize to all African American youths. I really thought you just could not dress yourselves but lately I have come around to thinking that the jean manufacturers are to blame. My latest pair of pants tend to ride down my ass and if I did not wear long shirts to hide my fat I would have the underwear showing look that is so prevalent in the city. So fuck you Jean makers!!!

I suppose to be fair the underwear showing look was actually invented by the white man plumber. It was just popularized by the hip-hop youth of America. So if you think it is cool to show your ass crack remember that some fat white dude started the trend. How cool are you now? Yeah.. didn't think so.

I got a special treat today as Poker Enthusiast stopped by my work today. He was in town selling some kind of engineering crap. It was great to check off one more name I wanted to meet. He had to be on the top of my list of Bloggers I wanted to meet but had not had the chance yet. He bailed on last years Vegas trip or else that might have happened. Anyway he is a cool stand up guy. Reminds me of JJ a little. Anyway peace out. Have fun. See you tomorrow night when I win the Mookie.