Thursday, March 28, 2013


Working out. Doing stuff. Things have slowed down a little. Need to re-organize and attack some new things. Picture from my walk this afternoon. Good thing the rain held off.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Been playing a lot of poker lately.. at least compared to the past year. My friend from work has a monthly game. We tend to play until 3-4AM in the morning. Good times. It usually comes down to 6-7 people SNGs at 10 bucks a pop. So not a lot of money to lose.

Since only like 2 spots pay unless we get a bigger group you tend to need to be more aggressive or else you do not have enough chips to win.

I have been enjoying it. I do it more for the social aspects. Normally I either end up 5-10 bucks or down 5-10... This week I did a little better ending up $40. My friend who invited me had a bad night and lost every game he played. heh. He got sucked out on pretty bad a few times.

I see him just knowing the suckout is going to come and it does. It reminds me of me. Except for some reason in these games I am chilled out and just play. I do not care about the suckouts for the most part. So it is pretty good for my game.

I had some spots where luck was not with me.. like when I was getting low. Everyone checks around to me so I jam in. Get called in 4 places. I have A4 vs TT vs JJ vs QQ. Live is rigged! I think JJ won too. Also when I finally saw a QQ and was up against an AA hand. Out on the first hand of the game. Actually I blame myself for that one. The guy did the classic min-re-raise and I was just too tired to pick up on it.

Lost a game with AQ vs Q7 AIPF. No worries though. I got my share of luck too. Got AA late in a game and got the second chip leader to dump all his chips to me. That was pretty fun. It was kind of a cooler for him because it was 3-ways with AQ vs my AA.

Out of like 10 games we played I probably came in first 3-4 times. Actually we usually split the money once it got down to 2 so everyone could get back in and play.

Heading home at 4AM was kind of a bitch but it was worth it. Some nice social. enjoyable, poker.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So Hard

Seems like everytime I get some mojo going something bad happens. I have no idea if it is a test from the universe or what. FML.