Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things are going..

Things are going pretty well. The adderral is helping me out somewhat. It gives me some more focus. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the results. I need to remind myself that its doing good stuff. I looked back a little and it was somewhat encouraging. So today I took a day of rest. Here is the comparison.

4 Weeks ago - Spent Saturday playing Warcraft all day.

This Saturday -
Went to Store with Daughter to make jewelry. Store is owned by a friend I have not bothered seeing for like 10 years.
Cleaned up back yard
Chopped up the old mailbox post and the old basketball post
Went to Home Depot and got some stuff for fixing woodpecker holes
Ran 2 miles

Saturday 1 week ago -
Drove up to Rochester NY and saw a friend I have not seen for like 20 years. Went fishing. Caught a 26 pound Salmon.

Saturday 2 weeks ago -
Build a fence for the dogs

I am sure I did other things but you get the point. I need to still tackle the hard things but I am doing a lot. I am cleaning up things and fixing up the house. I am exercising.. Biking a few times a week and jogging on the weekends and doing pushups 3x a week. I am cleaning up stuff and vegging out less. I am connecting up with people a little more. So things are getting better. I still have issues and maybe need a higher dose.. but I think I am on the right track to being healthy. I will try and post more often but I have been kinda busy as you see.