Sunday, July 27, 2014

Still Living.. Still Nutso.

Sorry for the hiatus. It was fun writing when I was homeless but now I am back in the system. Sort of good. Sort of bad.

Just as a recap update I am living on my own now in an apartment in Brighton. My marine buddy shipped off until January, when he comes back we will see what happens. Could be me taking over for good, could be roomates, might be me moving. Not sure which option I want.

Thinking about dumping my lawyer. The case starts September. So far after like 5 visits to court nothing has happened. I am not sure if this is normal or not. I just hate that it is going so slowly. If I replace him it will be before August 1st, because I want my new guy to have enough time.

Been keeping good care of myself. Running is up to 2+ miles 3x a week. Pushups are back in the 70-80 range. Doing a few pull-ups too.

I decided to try Yoga. Specifically for core body workout and breathing. Scientists have proven that deep breathing such as used in Yoga and Meditation causes your body to release endorphin's and stop your toxic stress hormones. I have been enjoying the classes. It is way outside my box of comfort so it is good. Thirty days of classes for 30 bucks. I started with a really tough class but I am moving into basic classes to learn the poses and stuff. First class I was so anxious ... you know the feeling that the whole class is staring at you and saying "What the fuck?".. Honestly I have those feeling because IT'S TRUE! People are horrible to each other in group situations. However I am sure I overreacted in this case. As I have taken more classes I kind of feel like I am getting the idea and feel a lot less nervous and more like I fit in. So it has been good growth for me. I also feel like I may not be Frankenstein. Normally I feel I have no hips, and my body from my hips to my shoulders are one solid, fused, block. When I take the classes I think maybe I could use more hip to bang them bitches.

Things with Ex are .. odd... It's like one day she will be fine and the next day psycho. She has told the kids that I want to reduce payments to her so they need to take in a border. Of course she neglects to say I am currently voluntarily giving her 60% of my gross so she does not have to move yet, probably screwing myself with taxes, and really trying hard to help. I am only doing this till we hear back about a re-finance. If that goes through or fails then we will need to make hard decisions. I hope that it does go through but I fear it will not and I think she needs to start planing where she is going to move. She is so oblivious though. It is sad I can do nothing about it.

Taking out of the picture the fact I have not fought the restraining order yet, things are going alright otherwise. I get to see the kids reasonable amount of time once a week. I am going to try and get more when things finalize. Still have not seen the dogs. Boo. We will see how things work out.

Everything else I kind of feel like I do things but am unsure why. Like taking walks or shit like that. Perhaps I do not need to know the reason for everything but I sure as hell want to.