Saturday, November 28, 2015

RIP Hottie

It's sad that CarmenSinCity died well before her time. It happens every day all over the world. People die. In Paris. In bombings in the middle east. Even more so in disheveled shacks in third world countries, starving to death while we all eat steak and lobster all day long. It's the way the world is. When someone close to you dies though then you take notice. It is a huge tragedy. Our humanity can only encompass a small group of people. Our pack. I was happy to have Carmen as one of my pack members and I will miss her.

I have no idea if there is an afterlife. I tend to be open minded to it. If so I am sure Carmen is in heaven having a good time. Everyone in this life has issues, problems, and demons. Some people have them somewhat under control. Some of our demons are not destructive enough to kill us and only scar our souls. Other demons extract the final reckoning.

Instead of talking about all the things that make us sad, or making a tribute to Carmen I will leave you will some real feelings about her. Read my past blog posts. I think the first one I wrote about Carmen sums it up nicely:

If I have not mentioned it yet, Don and Carmen are two of the most giving bloggers you will ever meet. They open their homes, hearts, and give a ton of time whenever anyone is in town. Two really stand up people. As much as I love Carmen's cleavage, that is only a small part of why she is an awesome person, and if you have not gotten to know her then what the hell are you waiting for?

I am glad I did.

Carmen Stories: