Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Advice you will never get anywhere else…

Listen up you bloggers for I have found the true secret to success in Poker. What is it you say? Buy my book for 19.95.. oh wait, that comes later.. Starting Hand Selection? Bah. That is for amateurs. Post flop play? Ha! Like that really works. Chasing flushes until your opponents are afraid if any one suited card is on the board? Yeah right. The true secret to making money playing poker is – write an ode to the Poker Goddess! I swear she is doing naughty little things to me these last two days. I just had almost a 100BB night! That is the best night I have ever had. You might give credit to the SSHE book, which has taught me a lot of scary aggression type things that work. Perhaps my skills in poker have improved? I am here to tell you it is all for naught if you do not court your ladylove. So I expect to see some poems to the poker goddess from you slackers!!!!

How did I win you might ask. It was all in a short period of time. I spend about an hour playing. Every hand I was in on the first table paid off. I chased two flushes Ace high, caught them both, and one guy had a smaller flush. Very nice payoff! Doubled up on this table. +25BB.

I played a second table. I basically only caught one good hand but it was enough. I had 33 in late position and called it with a bunch of people in. The flop was JJx, people bet, I called the cheap bet. Next card is the 3! Sike! I had people raising me and paying me off to the river here. I ended up at $84 or 12.5BB or so. I cannot add. Ask BB the exact number! Heh.

Last thing I did tonight was to try a 22/2 tourney. I figured I was up by $100 or so, and I wanted to try some more tourney limit play. Round one was some good cards. Cheap round so I end up about $200. The next three rounds were nothing special. I caught a few cards and played well. The next round had the hand that made the tourney for me. I had 99 in the pocket and called a raised pot. The flop was a garbage 7-J-2. Now this is where I played perfectly. I knew for a fact somehow that the guy who raised had nothing but AK. I raised his initial bet to isolate. Everyone else folded. Sweet. Now it was me and the raiser and we were stuck together. Him hoping for his A or K, raising every hand, calling my raises. A Q on the turn is no help to him. Bet and raise again. The 4 on the river did not help him and he was out. I was now up to $3700 and chip leader by far. I cruised into the final three letting the aggressive player knock a few people out. I am chip leader by this time. The cards then start hitting me. I am playing less perfect cards because we are short handed. I play J-8, and get the J and 8 on the flop. Almost everything I played worked out perfectly. I knock the aggressive guy out first. The passive guy folds a lot of blinds against me. Finally after what seemed to be forever I knocked him out when my Q8 made two pair! Sweet!.

Sir ends up winning $100 from the tourney. I am up to $1027 from my $850 start of the night. One more night like this and I am moving up to the 2/4 tables. I am ready to start making some real mooooneeeyyy. The learning and failing of the past month will be erased and a newly triumphant Sir rises from the ashes like a Phoenix. Who knows what the next plateau of my game will hold?


Blogger BadBlood said...

Hey man congrats. Glad to hear you're running well. Not many better feelings out there than that. Good luck at 2/4.

6:13 AM

Blogger Roberto Roundtree Rogelio said...

Sir... I played on one of those tables with you last night, didn't notice it was you until I saw you were sitting out for a few hands.... I didn't say anything because, well.. no reason really, I just didn't feel like it.. but I did see that hand where you caught the boat on the turn and if I recall correctly (which I do) it was a pair of deuces that caught a 2 on the turn to go with the JJ..... nice pot either way.

6:23 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I will take your word for it. 2's, 3's, whatever. It was the only good pot on that table. If you had said Hi I might have ignored you as I was focused on my +25BB table!! Next time you see me drop me a line though. It would be fun to play against you.

7:06 AM

Blogger JW said...

Good deal! Keep it up...I'm no good at writing poems...I think I might be in trouble! ;)

2:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was she nude,
did you see?
Did she touch you,
do you know?
Her scent,
did you smell?
The sense of her presence,
do you feel?
Did the back of your neck,
crinkle and creep?
Do your fingers tingle,
when your hole cards touch?
The wake of the pot,
towards you does it point?
Do you remember,
she loves us all?

Keep going, like your posts.

4:05 PM


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