Monday, November 29, 2004

Aggression, What does it mean?

I am sure many of you have heard that your aggression factor needs to be improved. I am guilty of a low aggression factor and I have seen it getting better. The last nice game I had it even capped 2.13! Now most of you are thinking “Hell Yeah, Aggression! I am going to go splash the pot! Bluff like hell! Raise anything!”. Ok tough guy, that is a small part of what goes into your aggression factor, but here is the key: FOLD. WHAT! That is wimpy! How can that be AGGRESSION! I want to be AGGRESSIVE! The key verb in aggression is ACTION. If you call someone’s bet you are being passive. Either you have a hand worth playing or you do not. You have Q7, the flop is J74 with two hearts. Do you really want to call the guy with the J trying to spike a Queen? No way, Especially if the pot is small and you are heads up. What is the point? Fold. Your aggression factor will appreciate it. So go out there and take action! FOLD when it is warranted. Put money in the pot when you have the odds on your side. When do you call? When you have a monster and want to keep people in the pot or when you’re drawing to an unlikely hand like a gutshot straight just because you have the pot odds to do so. Bluff a little, Fold a lot, and have a good time. Soon you too will have a good aggression rating.


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