Wednesday, November 03, 2004

All I got

Best hand of the night. Really made my night after a few suckouts. I decided to leave after this. I am in the SB. I am dealt 8s10s. I get to limp in for a SB, so I decide to play this hand. It is a little weak but within SSHE guidelines for the table. I have two callers in the hand.

The flop is an AEWSOME Td9sTc! Sweet trips baby! It is checked all around. I figure I can slow play this. Next card is the wonderful 9h giving me a BOAT! YES! I decide I can also slow play this. Everyone checks. The river is an AEWSOME Th for my 4 of a kind! I decide I cannot afford to slow play this. I bet $6. Suddenly the table goes wild! The 2nd seat raised me and the 3rd seat raised again! I raise it one more time! I get called. I beat the hammer [7c/2c] who must have though everyone had the boat. In addition I beat a SLOW played AA! This is a good lesson on why you should limit the field pre-flop with monster made hands! I would probably have not called a raise pre-flop. The AA was like: What the $*$*$ why is the money not coming to me? My asshole persona kicks in and I say "Nice hand". He says "WTF! You won the money!!!". "Yeah, I had 4 of a kind 10's. Your hand WAS nice, mine was just NICER!". lol.

I played with predator tonight also. He lost again. He can afford it, and besides, I am always willing to take Bush Republican money!!! He is 0 for 4 at my table so far. I sweet talk him and he comes back every time. heh! Cracked 2600 for the first time with the monster end pot. I decided to leave well enough alone. I should probably try to 3 table 3/6 now. I think I need to do more tables to make money. Although I am doing alright.

2266 Hands
5.45 BB/100
$3.72 BB/Hr (ug!)

I think I played well tonight. Got sucked out on a couple of times. Called people down to the river when I should not have a couple of times but for the most part was able to fold flops that missed. I doubled up again on one table, and was down slightly at the other for a nice profit.

The worse hand of the night lost me $39. I had trip Aces and bet them hard right out of the gate, and all the way down to the river where my opponent spiked a straight! Only bad move I made here was trying to re-raise him after he raised me. Some people bluff, but I should have known with this player he made his gut shot straight.

The worse hand of the night as far as how I played was JJ. Predator raises pre-flop, the flop is 87Q. Predator bets. I call. A five was the next card. Predator bets. I call. The river is a 4. Predator bets. I call. He beats me with KK. I guess I thought he might have AK. I was also beaten if any Q was out there. In hindsite I could have let this go. The final pot was not that large. I have trouble folding sometimes. If I have a read on someone it is one thing, I was not sure here, and should have folded.


Blogger BadBlood said...

Glad to see your bankroll on the rise. 10K by March????

5:42 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Umm.. I seem to be able to make around $100 a night. So that would be 2K a month. So maybe 12K by March if I stay at 3/6 and keep running average. I think after 10K worth of hands at 3/6 I will move up to 5/10 or above. Why the hell not?

5:54 AM

Blogger Predator314 said...

LOL, you could just sign up with Party Poker (of course you should use bonus code: PRED314) and play the bad beat jackpot tables. You'd be over $15,000 before December 1st 8-)

7:05 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I could do that, but I am a grinder! Earning all of my money. Heh! Seriously thinking about moving my bankroll to Party. Besides a great Bonus Whoring opportunity, they seem to have better tourneys, cute chicks in commercials, and the Bad Beat tables!

7:10 AM

Blogger April said...

What we really need is a site that gives bonuses for the best telling of a bad beat story. Extra points could be awarded for dramatic interpretation and use of props. That would really bring people in.

4:13 PM


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