Thursday, November 04, 2004

GOD DAMN MF*(#@*(#*(#

Well I had my worse night since the blowout. I lost around $400. Basically two buyins. I do not really want to look right now. I will update my template tomorrow like a good Blogger. At least it is not a hell of a lot of money. It was a bad night. You know the kind. Two pair losing to trips, people spiking straights on the river like crazy.

It could have turned around on one of my last hands but instead puncuated the fact I needed to leave. I have KQ in EP and raise. I get everyone out except two people. I flop a perfect rainbow straight and all three of us are betting it out. I mean I am just calling, but the pot is getting capped on every turn. The turn brings a meaningless 4th suit card! So the board has no possible flush!! I hit the turn still having the NUTS! Ya Baby! When the river pairs up. I know I am beat by a Boat because nobody is going to bet that hard without trips. I call just to make sure. Sure enough AA hit his boat at the river. I have no idea why he was raising or what the third guy had. I have to assume some sort of straight.

Here is a question for the 3/6 and above people who have read SSHE. I was thinking about this before my bad night, but I am wondering what other players think. Do you think the 3/6 game is more suited to playing the loose game reccomendations or tight? It seems like loose would be prefered since everyone and his brother is playing A3o like it is AA, but maybe playing less hands is better? Any comments?

I am fed up tonight. I think it was good I could leave the game down the two buyins plus a 22/2 tourney. It shows some growth in discipline. I am also not TOO hurt by the loss. It sucks, and it is going to suck to make that back, but I am ok with it. Sort of surprises me as I pay lip service to "One Long Session: and beleive it, but I tend to want to make a little profit every session.. and will play a little later to do this sometimes. Go figure. I am going to watch Drawn Together Now! Gotta love a show with an Octo-pussy monster!


Blogger Predator314 said...

tough night... it happens to everyone. i can't believe i didn't play at your table tonight. i might have actually won!

you pretty much have to adjust to the table, but tight is really the way you wanna go. you're gonnna get sucked out on. that's poker.

i was wondering if you would ever have a bad night. one thing that helped me through october was reading my blog from beginning to end. notice how much you are up??? also, check poker tracker for leaks in your game. maybe even post your stats on the 2+2 forums to get some tips. you'll get that money back in no-time.

12:14 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yeah, it was just one of those nights. Looking at it this morning I have come to the conclusion if you took the Jack out of the equation after that hand I would have only been down $100 and maybe less. I am thinking that we had a split pot between me and the 1st guy, taking the AA guys money. I could have taken the whole pot and actually been even for the night! The rivered jack turned a small loss/small win night into a big loss night. Just like the 4 of a kind tens last night turned a small win / break even night into an average win night. You have to love Poker!

The only reason I ask about the tight/loose question is because I *think* you leave too much money on the table playing a TIGHT game with everyone playing A3o. If you fold most of your hands for an hour, get into one AK situation, miss your flop, your not making anything. If you play a little looser and see more hands you have the chance to make more.. just what I am trying to figure out. I may try and 3 table playing with the REALLY tight suggestions tonight and see what happens.

6:18 AM

Blogger Donkeypuncher said...

Sucks about your evening. I play 2/4 online and 5/10 B&M, and find that playing tight is best. It can get boring, but you'll definitely make money. At the b&m I play at, players have noticed that I only play premium hands, and still pay me off.

I played 3/6 for a while at Party Poker. The play there was the same as 2/4 (very fishy) - but I was making the same as I was at 2/4. Maybe it's something in my play that I needed to adjust. I don't believe in mixing it up, because:
1. I assume no one notices if you play tight - it's the bad plays/suck outs that get noticed
2. Even if they do notice, they won't adjust to you

In a loose game, you'll get people who limp in with great starting hands like QQ. I'm not a good enough player to let a hand go if I hit the flop with a mediocre hand - so I end up trapped. Either that, or I don't have the guts to let it go. Probably a combination of booth.

7:58 AM

Blogger ToddCommish said...

Ace-rag doesn't play well on loose tables (actually, anywhere). You're probably better off playing connectors (T9, 76s) at really loose tables. Most of the loose players are playing with any face cards. With 76s, you can quickly fold if face cards hit the flop, but can get some nice implied odds on your flush/straight draw with a seeming rag T85 or 953 with two spades flop.

8:46 AM

Blogger Poker Nerd said...

Read those SSHE pre-flop guidelines very closely. The "loose" recommendations are for when six to eight opponents see the flop CONSISTENTLY. Now, I don't play ring games as much as others, but I can say without a bit of reluctance that I very, very rarely see a game on Party that qualifies as such.

I strongly recommend you have the Gametime table up (assuming you have Poker Tracker) and watch those VP$IP's for the whole table. If it's not 50% or higher for the table as a whole, it's not loose enough to use those guidelines.

Stick to the "tight" recommendations and you will rarely have a night like you just had. If your VP$IP is floating much higher than 20% at Party 3/6, it's too high.

Not to sound too preachy, SirFWALGMan, but I've watched you play and if you want to move on, you will have to improve your discipline. You were long overdue for a bad session.

10:55 AM


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