Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Hunt Begins

I said I was going to use PT to the best of it's ability and I meant it. I started out by creating a new database in Access 2000 and importing all of the Access 97 PT tables by making an link. A link creates a virtual table in my new database and the data will keep refreshed.

I created three querries: fish_list, calling_station_list and maniac_list. I filtered by Icon ID to get the guys I needed. Your database is probably different, but in mine a fish is #2, calling station 12 and a maniac is #8. It varies depending on what auto_import rules you use. I also joined to the player session table to get only the 3/6 level guys. Run the query! Bang! I have a list. I copy the column into UltraEdit, do a quick global replace and I have a comma dellimented listing that paste's right into the search window. I also had to limit it to (x) number per line, because Empire only allows like 255 charectors in a search. I fire up Empire Poker and do my search. Find some fishies. They are down as can be expected. Sweet! Do a search for maniacs! My eyes tear up here because most of my maniacs have had to move down to the 2/4 level. *sigh*. I guess losing as a fish is slower than losing as a maniac. I found a couple though and as to be expected they had tables where they were way up, and tables where they were almost out. I like these results so far.

Next up I need to figure out how much I have won from a player. Create a list with the players I have won the most from.


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