Monday, November 29, 2004

ITC ya you know me!

Hey, Welcome back to ITC, the Intrepid Card Player. Great Blog! Glad he is back in the game. He had a bad stretch and had to bail for a while. I respect that alot! It is nice to see him again. You can get the link to his blog in my full Blogroll.

Welcome back 3/6! I love you! I had a small night tonight. Up fifty. I am much happier about that than losing every single day! Two good nights and I am feeling good again. I made a few BIG mistakes tonight, missed alot of draws, and caught some good cards on a few hands. All combined to the small profit you see. The biggest mistake I had was calling a LAG down to the river! Damn! I know it was stupid. He had been bluffing his ass off and raising every hand pre-flop! Sometimes that throws me off. I ended up getting it back from him. Jackass.

Iggy needs to not post porn on his site! God, I hope that is not really Hank! How the hell do you fit that much hair in such a small space. yeeessssh. I thought my wife was mean to me!

Sweet Jesus! I have been re-rated as TAN! Sweet! Sir has Neutral Aggression! OMG! I am aewsome! Watch out tables I have been burned by the fires of the 5/10 level and come out reborn like a Phoenix of Death for the 3/6 level! I am coming for you!


Blogger JD said...

Go, Phoenix of Death, go!

9:50 PM


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