Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Bend me Over the River

Well Sir River Rape-My-Ass was in rare form tonight. I really got set off and threw away a little more money than I would have if I was not getting killed. It started off well. Aewsome table. Loose and Passive fish calling everything to the river. Except I could not get two cards to play. I then hit a few pots and wow! I was up over 150! Yay! Then I got BAD BEAT up the wazoo. Rivered 5 times in a row including my favorite AA vs 78, with a 7 over 8 boat on the river! What the hell! What the fuck do I need to do to win? Anyway.. Bad night. Tomorrow is another night. Fuck all of you assrapers! I am coming for you tomorrow!


Blogger Ooh, Gravy! said...

Thats right, get all your aggression out! :-)

Wow, I think I just read your whole blog from begining to end - not done much work today, oops.

Good luck in getting to 4K and 5/10 again soon. I'll be following in your footsteps and hopefully won't ever be too far behind.


6:50 AM

Blogger Ooh, Gravy! said...

I just realised I was only at November. Doofus.

6:52 AM


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