Tuesday, November 30, 2004


You have got to check out Acoustic Shadows. He seems like a cool guy. Very interesting question on Pot Odds in his latest Blog. No possible worldly use but a very fun mental exercise. Crap, and he is probably the only other person on the planet who likes Samurai Jack! Go man go!

Just a sentence on Stripper By Night. Talk about being a catty bitch! I think you have the right to your opinion and it is great you are expressing it. I also have the right to mine, and you totally miss the point with Felicia. So stick with stripping and Poker, things you know about.. well, stripping, and army guys and leave the rest to the real pro's. 'Nuff said.

Talking Poker Forum (www.talkingpoker.com) is still fun. For all of you small stakes players out there he is offering $25 for signing up and posting 200 meaningful comments. Ok, Only 182 need to have any meaning, but that was a great offer by him. I like the forum alot. It is a friendly, small group of people, just shooting the shit about poker. If your looking for 2+2 advanced hand analysis go somewhere else but if you want to throw stuff out there and get some different opinions this is a great site. Also he has many Bonus Whore Opportunities. Cmon.. you know you want some you whores.. there you go..

I meant to write this up before I went on the downward spiral in my Bankroll. The wife forced me and the kids to go to a Christmas Light show at the Shrine of her Lady of ImustabeenonshroomsbecauseIamseeingsomeweirdshit. Now I am not a very religious person and will probably insult everyone out there but here goes.

The light were pretty. They had this one display that caught my eye. You climbed up this steep set of steps to the top of this shrine. You then, if you were righteous enough, finish the climb on your knee’s and receive favor from your God. It was one of those places you bring sick and crippled people to. So why is it that everytime you want to be healed you have to hurt yourself? I just do not get it. I have not decided yet if I believe in a deity that created this whole mess we have but I sure as hell hope he doesn’t want me to drag my crippled ass up a few dozen flights of stairs, and then pull myself up the remaining flight on my withered knees to be miraculously cured – unless I am not faithful enough, then tough luck. What a bunch of garbage we humans have interjected into our religion. I think what we have here is a failure to communicate. If not then I hate to see what hell is like!

We then got the treat of going around the pond of hell. Ok, maybe more like the pool of heck. It actually reminded me of the doldrumns in some kids book I read a long time ago with a dog who had a clock in his body. They had these signs every ten feet that were letters of the alphabet describing some great Christian thing, you know:

[B] Baby is
Born in the great city of
Bringing salvation to all

My wife has the great idea of going around to each and every one of these and having my son tell us what the letter is and reading each and every one. I felt my mind numbing away and being converted to Christianity so I had to make my own poems in my head:

[L] My Lady
Love is
Licking me
Lusciously and
Laviously oh how I
Long for that sweet release

You get the idea. BTW – There is no fishing in the holy pond. Not sure why there are fish in there but do not try to fish for them!

Well how's that for a disjointed mini-Iggy like post? Nobody can do it like the Blog Father though. I must still be confused after seeing that picture the other day. I still am trying not to blink because the image is burned into my retina! Jeeeeezzz!


Blogger John-Paul said...

Damn dude, that was your funniest post ever. Props on naming out the catty bitch. Had the same thoughts. Extreme evangilistic displays also give me the creeps.

1:11 PM

Blogger Dr. Pauly said...

Yeah, this post made me laugh out loud several times. Funny stuff, man...

ImustabeenonshroomsbecauseIamseeingsomeweirdshitDoes Mrs. SirFWalgman read your poker blog? Just wondering.

6:11 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Mrs. Sir has read my Blog from time to time.. but is not a regular as far as I know. She hates Poker!

9:28 PM

Blogger StudioGlyphic said...

Phantom Tollbooth!


12:37 PM


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