Friday, January 14, 2005

It's Sooooper Dooooooper!

Ok. I just found the most wonderful Poker Blog The Sooper Dooper Poker Adventure. It helps that a woman writes it. I always like those. Although certain ones lose there appeal over time. However this woman is truly special. She has a job called a Mystery Shopper and I am enthralled, as I have never heard of such a thing before. I posted this in her comments section:

“I am fascinated beyond words. What the hell is a Mystery Shopper (I get the general idea) and how the heck do you become one? Is there a Mystery Shopper Web Site where you put out your name as a professional Mystery Shopper and people come and hire you? Is it a bunch of pervs who want to make you go places while they secretly watch and dream up weird dating fantasies? I am truly fascinated by the whole thing as I have never heard about anything like it before. Sounds like a great job. And oh yeah, I like the Poker content too. I am definitely Blogging about this site!”

Of course my version had more typos and spelling issues. So anyway I am a simpleton and the littlest things set me off! Go and rack up her hit counter because she deserves it. Give her some good advice too since she is just starting off in the low limit world.


Blogger DuggleBogey said...

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Blogger BSN said...

Mrs. Big and I have been mystery shoppers for restaurants for years. The former Mrs. Big got me started when she worked for a firm that scheduled shoppers for Red Lobster.

I do it because, as I've said, I'm all about the free stuff. We don't do enough of it to make any money, we just do it to get our irregular nights out paid for. The reimbursement and fee almost never pay for the entire cost of the meal, but it doesn help defray the costs alot.

The key is to avoid the companies that want write-ups that can take an hour or more afterwards - I'd rather just pay for my meal. Hooters was like this. I had a mediocre meal, lots of beeer, and looked at some nicely-shaped yabos, but when I got home I had a 7 page survey and narrative waiting me. Which I had to do drunk. That night.

Anyway, we've shopped stores, apt. complexes, hotels, etc. over the years. It works for us, but we're a little picky about assignments now. Since it looks like you live near Boston, there should be no shartage of assignments available, but the companies grab the first responder so you really have to be on top of it.

Good Luck, if you try it!


11:21 AM


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