Sunday, January 23, 2005


Hey! Bob at Poker and other Random thoughts responded to my comment in his post! Yay! He is a very smart player. He plays fulltime for a living at the 15/30 level. He contributes to 2+2 a lot too. I am the second comment in the Clarifying my Goals post.

The 5/10 6-Max continues to treat me well. I did go on a small downswing the other day, but was able to make it back and then some. These tables rock! I was on a table with a VP$IP of 66%! One guy had a 93% VP$IP!!!! I got sucked out bad but they paid me back with interest!

I cannot stress enough the keys to winning consistently at these tables for me. Pick tables with low average pots and play slightly loose poker, very little chasing, no thinking 2nd pair is good. Only protect your blinds with good cards too. You need to do it enough so people do not automatically try to steal your blinds but do not just do it because it is a steal. Why pay the guy more when you usually cannot play past the flop? I might just be on a lucky streak but in the last few weeks I have 17 winning session, 4 loosers, and a BB/100 of a respectable 2.70. No too shabby. It reads even better if you look at individual session. Last few BB/100 are: 9.54, 12.44, 9.29, 33.63, 14.81, 25.60. Sweet! I hope it lasts!!!!! Like I have said before it might not be world class Poker being played but it pays the bills! I am going to try a full table just so my lack of confidence can say, “Hey, I beat some good players too”. I think I might need Shelly and April there to help out! Heh.

Oh yeah, and GO PATS! I tried to get Mean Gene to take up the bet or some other Pittsburgh Bloggers but only Canada rose to the occasion. I hope Al and some of the Eagles Bloggers will rise to the occasion should it happen next week. I think the Pittsburgh guys really know in their hearts that they are going to blow it. I may end up eating my words but I said it and I wont take it back. I predict a really close game with Adam winning it or something like that. I will accept a Patriots crushing defeat of the Steelers however if I must.


Blogger djw said...

halftime, and I am a little worried.

rally time!!

5:00 PM

Blogger BadBlood said...

Pats == Domination!

7:13 AM


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