Saturday, January 22, 2005

Back in Black

It was an interesting night. I started off by hitting the bank, I mean the 5/10-6 Max tables. I ended up losing over $150 so I decided to take a break and try the 10K Friday Night Guaranteed. Little did I know CJ was there! Well, he did much better than I did placing in the money. I saw two playable hand the entire thing and went out in 199th place out of 512. The two hands were AJ, and 10-10. With the AJ I threw out a pot sized bet on the flop and got re-raised all-in. I decided to wait a little more before I busted out with TP ok Kicker. I then was down to $500 or so with the blinds at 50/100. I got long-distance and put out a $200 bet. I was called by the big stack. The flop was an awesome 259 or something. I got all in. He calls. It was only another $300 and he had about 3K. It was a good call. The K hits the turn, and just to rub it in a Q hit the river.

I went back to the bank and the teller was finally in. I ended up almost doubling my buyin again. It was mostly from small pots thought. The table was loose pre-flop, and tight post-flop. I was able to steal a lot of 20-30 pots and they added up. I then get April telling me to get my ass over to the NL tables. Well who am I to dissapoint a Southern Bell. So I hop off with my profits and head on over. I take a peek at the Bankroll and it is at 3050 or so, and since I am only donating one or two buyins tonight I am back to 3K! It has been a month since I trashed my bankroll playing 5/10, not to mention my confidence. I really feel like I have come out of it as a much better player thought. I turned my frown upside down.

So I start off the night by donating half my stack to Otis. Evil. Cunning. Otis. I can not seem to find the hand history for that one. I ended up getting him back though. I remember that hand. I am down to like 14 bucks, I get pocket 9's! Shelly's favorite nemesis! I bet out two bucks and surprisingly get like 3 callers, and then Otis decides to Gamboool and raises me seven bucks. Wellll... not to be undone by Otis I re-raise him all in! At least I am all in. The other wimps part ways as Otis stares me down. He looks into my virtual eyes and takes the measure of my soul. Liking what he see's he says "Let's gamble" as he calls my raise.

We both come out shooting! The flop contains a 9, good thing too because the turn was an Ace. Otis's heart must have jumped for a second before I crushed him with my set! AK no good again! Bahahahaha! Oh well, 2-3 more buyins and we might be even. Cursed Otis!

Another female sat down and this increased my luck quotient exponentially. I like to show off for the ladies and man did I put on a show. I must have gotten pocket pairs like every hand. Not little ones either, Kings, Aces, Jacks, Queens, etc.. Ok, you want specifics: 1 AA, 4 KK, and a JJ. All in a short period of time. I ended up winning with all of them too pushing my stack a little over 4xbuyin. I ended up giving one buyin back before I decided to leave. Leaving the bankroll just shy of 3100 bucks. Not bad! I think I might try my luck at some 5/10 full table action tonight. After I win at the short tables of course. It was nice to leave the NL tables with a profit tonight. It has been a few days.


Blogger Shelly said...

That series of pocket insanity was off the hook - you literally had those 4 pairs of kings in half an hour, tops. Nice nice nice! I suppose I should expose my alter ego at the table next time, for those who have yet to figure it out. :)

11:09 AM


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