Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stop Losses

I think when playing the 5/10 short tables a stop loss is good for me. This weekend I had a terrible session on Sunday and ended up down like $700 somehow. Now I can make this back, but if I had just realized it was not my day, perhaps after my AA was cracked by 69o or something like that. It is the “bad” days that always screw me up. I am sitting at 2868 after doubling my buyin last night. I was up to 3050 briefly, but gave some back. Possibly a stop-win would be nice too, but I am not ready to commit to that. If I had stopped myself at one buyin on Sunday I would be sitting pretty at 3500 or so. I can hardly every remember a session where I kept pushing and it worked out well. Ok, sometimes when 3AM hits and the fish get drunker but besides that. So from now on it is 1 5/10 Buyin a night and then I hit the Blogger tables or some 10/1 tourney or other low-loss crap.

I have terrible news my readers. I have slipped back into frowny face land. I am not too concerned. I think it is the right way to be on the tables I am playing. Remember my strategy: pick low aggression tables, small pots. Well, when you do this you get instances like last night. I am dealt pocket 4’s and I am in the middle. The flop is 376. So I have a bad draw at 11-1. I however have four people in the pot with me and have roughly enough for the draw. So I call the flop bet. It misses with a 10 or something. The turn is checked for free! Woo hoo! The river is a sweet 5, and someone bets, and I raise, and they pay me off! Thank you people!

The point. I played this passively. I checked/called, but since my table was so passive I ended up getting a free card and making my straight. Sweet! I could never have called a bet on the turn. I did not have the odds. So being slightly more passive is ok right now. I am still being somewhat aggressive with my good hands. Hopefully I can get my smiley back.

I want to give a shout out to Studio Glyphic. He is the man! I am not sure if it comes out in his play or on his Blog but he is one smart dude. I have had the fortune of talking to Glyph several times in AIM and seeing him and Shelly go at it in chat and he would be a great teacher for someone. He really knows his stuff. Sometimes I disagree with his reads, but I respect his knowledge and ability to communicate. I am a much more intuitive player. I look at the odds, figure out what my opponent is going to do, and wing it. He is a more by the book player. He can explain why he does something much better than I can. If you ask me why I called down second pair against someone it’s going to be more of a feeling that he did not have it, based on past play, and how he bets maybe. I am likely to be wrong as much as I am right. It is probably why NL is hit or miss for me. While I am going off on a tangent, I think I would be a far better player if I trusted my intuition more. I am right more than I am wrong, and if I rammed the pot when I almostforcertainknew what my opponent had then I think I would make more money. I have much to learn.

Last but not least go read my posting on the Big Lick. It is not very good but I do what I can. I promise you Al my AA post will be a lot better should you decide to take the bet! Come on! How can you not believe in your Iggles!!!! Baiting works in Poker, we shall see if it works in Poker Blogs!


Blogger Mr Subliminal said...

Good idea about introducing a stop loss. Mine is 3 buy-ins.

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