Thursday, January 20, 2005

Poker is weird

So I start the night like I always do playing 5/10-Short. If I have not told you before it tis juicy! I play for two hours and end up making 1.82 BB/100 for a profit of $50. Um. Nice but not THAT nice. So I go and blow all my winnings on the –EV Blogger tables and a small SNG. I just was not being patient and got a couple of minor suckouts. The I decide to hit a 5/10-Short table again for a short time. In 66 hands I am 33.53 BB/100! Every flop hit. I even had AA vs 10-10, flop is 10xx, turn is a rag. The fish is not betting hard at all. The river is an Ace and Sir is happy! I could have made more but there was a straight on the board and he did bet. I was going to put one more bet into the pot in case I was good. I know. I am weak and should smack myself. Thanks to April from the non-poker blog for hanging with me for a few hands! She brought me a lot of luck!!!! Sorry for cheating on you Shelly but you were not around!!!! So tonight I experienced the essence of Poker. You can play two sessions exactly the same and sometimes you feel like the NUTS and sometimes you don’t!


Blogger skitch said...

"sometimes you feel like the NUTS and sometimes you don’t!"

SirF, you are NUTS... so what you're saying is that you can delude yourself into not feeling like one? That takes some skillz!

10:57 AM

Blogger Shelly said...

Man with only one good luck charm is foolish! So kudos to you :) I didn't get online till well after midnight. Spent 3 hours on the phone with the phone company, trying to fix the ghost in my house that is making outgoing calls without my permission. Turns out that I think it's the water meter. Bah. Though I did expose my Empire alter-ego to one lucky blogging soul :)

11:30 AM


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