Monday, January 24, 2005

Give us Victory or Victory!

Smell that.. mmm.. Smells good. The smell of victory! Sorry if I have been a little slow in posting this weekend, I am working on posts for two sites. It gets to be hard work sometime but I will make the sacrifice for my loyal readers. Sometime later this week you can read my posting on the Big Lick!

So now we wait two weeks until the Super Bowl. I really hope some Eagles fans will take the Blog-Takeover challenge. I mean could you imagine an AA post on AlCantHang? That would rock!

Poker this weekend was a little slow. Everytime I say that 5/10 short is a cakewalk I get spanked. So I am down a bit over the weekend and have vowed to not say it is easy anymore. It is hard! Reward me O’Poker Gods, I hath shown proper respect. Man is Poker a fickle mistress! I think I will go work on my other posting now. Lick, how do you want me to send it to you? You can post your email address in my comments and delete it, or point it out to me, or something. Let me know.

I had a fun commute this morning. The car ran out of windshield wiper fluid. So I go to open the hood and add some. Well, the hood opening doohickey decides to break at this moment. So my commute ended up being drive 3 miles, pull over, throw snow on windshield, drive 3 miles, and repeat. It was not very much fun. However I did not feel all that stupid when I saw three other people pulled over in front of me doing the exact same thing! Woo Hoo for the stupid people hanging together!

Two feet of snow is incredible. It brings back the memories of when you were a kid, and any decent snow seemed to create giant ice cliffs and you could build massive cities of snow! King of the Hill was fun too!!! I stuck the kid in the snow and it was up to his waste. He loved it! So bring it on! I am all for massive snow storms.


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