Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Just Play

The cards do not matter. The more I play poker the more I come to realize this. No, really, the cards do not matter at all in HE. Really what matters is patiently waiting for the right situation. Now playing good starting cards allows you to survive long enough to find the right match up. However you can play less optimal cards out of position and still win. So thus 72o is greater than AA in a given situation.

Proof of my theory comes from all of the different styles of play. You see the Josh Ariahs and the wilder players doing all sorts of different things with cards. You have the more statistical players who follow the percentages and cash in that way. The crazy ass maniacs that play well but are not afraid to scare you off a pot. All kinds of styles. Different starting hands. All successful players. The real key that bonds these players together is not how they play the cards, it is how the play the table. The reads they get. The head games they work on each other. The patience to wait for the right time to strike.

I can derive from my own personal experiences, and what others have told me, a couple of things about my game. First off I do pretty well. Be it Limit or No-Limit. I tend to have meteoric rises. Unfortunately due to tilt and the like I tend to fall just as fast. Secondly, there is no reason at all I should ever be successful. I know tons of players that count the outs and play the pot odds much better than I ever will. I just nod and agree when they tell me why my play was sub-optimal. The jury is still out on me being successful long term, but I think I have some strange connection to this game. I think my way of playing works for me and hopefully it will become wildly successful for a long period of time. We shall see.


Blogger Drizztdj said...

Calling off chips for no good reason is the difference between a profitable player and a break-even one.

I still struggle with this concept myself.

7:28 AM


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