Monday, April 11, 2005

Not alot of time...

Well back at home. Hugged the kids. Sweet! The kids so missed me. They change so much at age 2, even in two weeks. *sigh*. I am glad to be home. I am sleeping in the office though so things are not totally cool yet.

Poker continues to be fun. I won $60 at 100/NL tonight. I started playing kinda late because I had stuff going on. Work. Side Projects. Oh yeah, I got extended for another week. Anyway I need to get to bed by midnight because part of my parole is waking up on time so the kids get into a good schedule. So in like 45 mins I won the $60. You have got to LOVE 100/NL!

While the NL game was going on I decided to see if I could beet 20/Limit SNG's anymore. They used to be one of my best games when I had 3K. So I played one. The strategy I use in these things is very simple. Fold everything that is not really really good until the blinds get crazy and then wait for a good hand and make alot of cash while the blinds are high. So basically the blinds are hitting 50/100 and I have my original 800 in chips left, maybe a few more. I get blinded down alot waiting for a good hand. I actually had to fold QT to a 3-Bet, which made a straight, the NUT straight. I also had to fold A5 which rivered a straight. So the cards wanted to make me a winner.

So anyway I get blinded to about 700 with like 6 people left. Everyone has bigger stacks than me. I then raise with AKh and the flop is AK2 with two clubs. So me and another medium stack end up going at it until I am all in. He has K5 of clubs and does not improve. This gets me to 1560 and in good shape to finish.

I then make a mistake and semi-bluff against 77. Now the guy has a pair of sevens and he is calling with two overs, a flush, and my straight draw on the board. I have no idea what he was thinking. However I screwed up and left myself with 560.

I get blinded down to 260 when I hit AQo. I decide this is as good as any and raise. Someone with 8's calls me and I spike a Q and an A. Sweeeeet! Back to 520. Woot! Of course the blinds are 100/200 but only five are left.

So with 320 left I decide to push again with AQ. I raise and get two callers. So if I hit I tripple up and I am in real good shape to finish. I end up spiking an A on the river for the victory! Woo hoo! So now I am one to the money with 960 left. I wait until the guy with 300 left is blinded out and ITM! I end up making a run and getting even with people. I however overplay a pair of 8's and 3rd is all I am going to do. Oh well. I was getting tired anyways. So fourty bucks! Sweet!

The bankroll is at a nice healthy proportion right now. I hear the 200/NL tables calling me.. Sir.. Sir.. Sir.. I would have tried one out by now but they are ALWAYS packed full! Dammit! Oh well.. here is to hoping the good times keep rolling.


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