Saturday, April 09, 2005

Return of the Botz

The guy at Poker Profits with Calculatem and Poker Office had me thinking about my bot again. You remember it. I was going to write a bot. It is obviously possible as Poker Tracker and GT+ do as much as the bot would ever have to do with the exception of pressing a button.

Anyway when I first started thinking about my bot I was a limit player. I had the mentality of a limit guy and it was interesting to think about how the bot would play in a limit game. Now that I have become an NL (cough) expert. WOW! I mean for all of you out there who ascribe to the Wait, Rinse, Repeat method of Poker play would a bot not be AEWSOME! Felicia’s friend A View From Barad-dur had once mentioned that he would be scared playing against a being with infinite ability to remember every play you have ever made. Ok. I am not THAT good of a programmer. I would not attempt this. However how about a being with infinite patients. He does not care if he has to wait one hour or five hours. He will recognize when he probably has the best hand. He would only really play premium hands. He would play all pocket pairs using the 5/10 rule. Seldom would he bluff. He will be willing to go all in with sets on non-scary boards and AA/KK pre-flop. Other than that he is going to sit back and wait for great hands. He can play 8 tables without any problem either. I think in the 100/NL or less arena he could clean up. I bet the bot would take a huge pot every hour or two and double up, and otherwise just sit there and conserve money until he gets good hands. I would imagine it would not be too far off that in one night he could double up on all 8 tables. Not a bad night! I think I might just need to revisit my bot.


Blogger The Edge said...

Hey SirFWALGMan,

I'm a limit player but have delved slightly into the frightenning No Limit arena.

A few weeks ago I did an analysis of an "All In" strategy using Poker Stove, where all the player does is go "All In" with AA-QQ or AKs.

The initial stats looked promising, but in practise, I found that it was hard to get opponents to call a sufficient amount to defeat the blinds.

The analysis is here:


The Edge.

2:41 PM

Anonymous Grunkzzz said...


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