Friday, April 08, 2005

On the personal front..

I do not see life getting any easier. It seems like every day brings something new. Yesterday I found out that a guy at my work was threatening to kill everyone here except for the people on his safe list. I passed him in the halls when I pissed, but I do not think that qualifies for the list. The police released him on bail until his trial. He might get 20 years. On the good side I could be him. On the bad side I might wind up dead. I am waiting for tomorrow when a plane falls from the sky on my bank and erases all records of my savings account. Oh well.. maybe things will start looking up when I go home. The ETA is Monday. We shall see. Hopefully alot of good things will come from this experience.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully the guy didn't make an animation like this recently

The kid in Minnesota that went on a shooting spree made this last Oct. Courtesy of Paul Phillips journal.


6:29 PM


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