Thursday, May 26, 2005

Nice Night

Hit some 5/1 SNGs. I had been doing badly at SNGs. Yeah, I know, 5/1 is not a good value. I only got 150 yall! So it was fun. The first one I had a COMMANDING stack lead HU and played brilliant poker for 2nd place. A5 vs J6 and A8 vs K5. Lost both of those. Oh well. HU with huge blinds you gotta do something. Second is good though.

Second SNG. I was running 5th place with 300 blinds. With some luck and some brilliant play again I ended up in second. Again I had a commanding lead. 6K vs 750 or something. I pissed it away. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do? It really becomes a crap shoot with 6K in chips and 1K blinds. Again second is fine. Especially since I did not even think I was going to make the money with 785 left, 400 blinds, and 5 people in. I was patient. Pushed when I should. Got lucky. Took cash.

The third SNG sucked. I know. I shoulda stopped. Oh well. I went all in with AK pot flop vs a set of 7's. I was thinking I could outdraw him. Boy was I wrong. When I bluff I do not do it lightly. I am almost always up against a set or a boat. Never TP or a bluff. Oh well. I was getting tired anyways. Net $16 for SNGs tonight.

The cash game went good too. Ended up almost doubled up. So the stack hits $150 and hopefully can keep growing. I like this pace. We shall see.


Blogger Diboss said...

PP sitngo's suck. They leave no room for the good players to win. It's just push with something, hope not to get sucked out on. It takes 1 bad beat and you're gone.

8:30 AM


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