Monday, May 30, 2005

Sir Close Alot

Well. Played the 15/1 MTT on Party tonight. Placed 68th of 2000 for a grand total payout of $53 minus the entry fee. Not too shabby. I might be getting the hang of these things. Hmm. Perhaps I owe a strategy writeup. Anyway. Here is the deal. I am going to play one of these every day until Friday. Either a 15/1 or a Freeroll or something that pays some decent cash for first. Probably not a freeroll. If I hit the big one I will be flying to Vegas first class.

I have this great idea for a shirt too. So you all will know me. It is a baseball like shirt. It has 72o cards for the logo in the front. It says something like Bloggers or something for the team name. Same logo in back with SirFWALGMan for the players name. Perhaps just Sir. So if you see some wacko in a 72o shirt you will know. I figure if I win a 15/1, I get about 6K. Pays for a flight, hotel, entry (is it too late?) and some nice food and booze.

Hell I might go anyways. I dunno. If I do it is just for the weekend.


Anonymous Pii said...

I've been thinking about a shirt too...

Bowling shirt, preferably, and ideally, you have have your blogname embroidered on the front.

I'm envisioning "World Poker Blogger Tour", with Maudie's WPBT Chip beneath it, and your URL below that for the front logo.

On the back, a big 7 Deuce offsuit, with "Blogger Pride!" on the top, and "Drop the Hammer!" on the bottom.

6:45 AM

Blogger Easycure said...

You better come up and join us! If nothing else, I'll buy you a drink.

7:35 AM

Blogger STeelerJosh said...

Both shirt ideas are great. Kind of weird that the blogger community has adopted "The Hammer" as their calling card, but I like it!!!!

Everytime I drop it I refer any whiners/disbelivers to I love that writeup. Anyway, if you get a design going, I think there would be some interest in the community. I have no design experience/skills but it is tempting to try my hand at it.


8:40 AM


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