Sunday, June 05, 2005

I am the King

What a fun night. Yours truely finally made a nice score. Unfortionatly it comes on the heels of a bad week. Tilt boy strikes again. I will never learn. SO basically after 2-3 bad days I went on tilt. I put my last 100 on a 100/NL table. Hit a 40 buck win against a tool. Very next hand. I have Pocket Kings. I bet huge. The flop is 7xx. I go all in. I am ahead. I know it. He calls. Turns over J7o. YES! I am going to double up and get my bankroll back to sweety niceness. Turn junk. Of course the river is a 7. Of course. So in disgust I leave with my last 40. I bring that down to 20. Wipe that out on 5/1 SNGs somehow. I have 2 bucks left.

I enter the 2/0 NLHE with my last two bucks. I also entered the 1250 Party Points Freeroll and 5K Party Freeroll. Now for those of you with little money and who like to play MTTS, these are great. There is a 1$ 0 rake and a 2$ 0 rake contest. Every day. First prize is a nice 900 bucks. So if you have no roll go for it. Needless to say I did well. 2000 Entrants. 5th Place. Who your daddy! The other freerolls I never caught. The hand I went out on was interesting though. AJs. I bet 30K. Get called. The flop is 89T. Now I am pretty sure I am good. If I am not then I have a good draw. So I push 140K. The blinds are 15K. I get called. by one guy. He flips A7o. I was ecstatic. I made a move. I was ahead. I am the king. Until the 6 falls on the river. WOW! Damn! Out in 5th. I think it was the right move though. The dummy who called me ended up winning the whole thing. Like I say, I always make freaking aewsome reads with weak hands, and get sucked out on by morons. Anyway, if you can not tell, I am a little frustrated.

Thanks to Veneo and Gordo for sweating me until 6AM. The bankroll is back up to 200 with that MTT win btw. I also thank Surflex for sweating me for a few hands. I love when my readers come by, say hi, we adore you, and then leave me to play. lol. I am getting very good at these low level MTTs. 5 Finishes ITM in the last 2 weeks. I really enjoy the challenges they pose. Felicia was probably right again that I am more made for MTTs. Hmm. Will she ever be wrong?


Anonymous Veneno said...

This was an incredible night! I never place in the MTT, so sweating with you to the final table was quite a trill. Congratulations again on your sweet victory.

8:53 AM


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