Saturday, June 25, 2005

I have a lot of stuff tonight. We start with:

Moron. noun {C} INFORMAL a very stupid person:

I met one today. OMG was he a bad Poker player. On the bad side he calls my raise with A7o vs AK diamonds. I had pushed my stack up to 100 on a nice payoff with a set. The flop is A7x. With two diamonds. I bet the flop, he raises me a little, I call. Slightly loose. Whatever. So the diamond hits the turn. He pushes. I got the NUTS! I call. Of COURSE the river is a 7. So I am a moron. I always bet strong with the best hand and I ALWAYS (well almost always) lose. STUPID ME.

Hell, I just did it again while typing this. KQ s00ted. All in on the flop of K56, two hearts, in an MTT. I had low chips. AJo with a J of hearts calls me. Hits his heart and that’s it for me. MORON.

At least I met some nice guys at the first table. The moron gave me back a half of what he sucked out on me. I was a little angry. I kept calling him a moron. However, never let it be said I am not fair, I told him when I won back $25 more from him I would just call him stupid. Unfortunately he busted out twice before I could do that. So he is forever MORON.

I also used “The Move: to take a lot of cash from a guy who I respected somewhat. He was a decent player. He had a K high heart draw. I had the Ace high draw. I kept betting like $2, like I had a hand, and he kept trying to draw the K high flush. On the river the flush comes and I check it. I KNEW he was on the heart draw. Knew it. So he bets $3. I raised to $15 which is about the pot. He pushes and I have to try and stop him from crying. Actually he was a good sport. I made the comment that with the K high flush and me showing aggression that a re-raise of my $15 was not the best move. I think he should have called or folded. If someone is that aggressive when I am betting at them, I best have the NUTS.

On a more positive note I need to give congrats to Team Veneno! We rock at MTTs. Chief has made the money in several Freerolls and the 2/0. I believe he had a 6th or 7th place finish. I had the 5th place. Now the leader of our merry band has taken her rightful place at the head of the pack with a 3rd place finish in the 2/0 MTT! Way to go Veneno!

The SNG world has been up and down. I had 4 4th place finishes in 10/1’s and a 2nd in a 20/2. A couple firsts in 5/1’s. So far the 5/1 has been a pretty consistent money maker. I have changed my style. I used to bluff a lot and be a little loose. Now it is rare if I have played 6 hands by the 100 level. If so they were all good ones. Once it hits 100, I decide what to do next by how many are left, how many chips I have, and other things. Basically if I have won a battle and chipped up to 1500-1800 I usually just hand out a little and see what is going on. If I however have 600-700 then I look for an all in to carry me to the money. It seems to work well.

OMG! What is in the water? All in with an OESD draw? I had AK. K flop. She pushes all in. I call. She rivers a straight. Oh wait, she is a he. whoops. I hate that top Party Person.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice description of the cards tonight. Just to let you know, I got above $175 ($175.22 or something) but didn't want to spring for a cookout.... got it down to a nice $171.47. Yesss!

Interesting blog, catch ya later,

10:59 PM

Anonymous Veneno said...

As for the Morons, they are here to stay. Just part of the game. You do seem to get screwed quite often, so I can understand the frustration. Hang in there. You are a good player, so over time you should have the advantage.

Thanks for the recognition of the Veneno Team victory. It was soooo sweet. I must give credit to the great Chief. He was a big help in sweating me and getting me to the money. Thanks Chief, you are awesome!!!

10:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words. No problem veneno, it was fun. Team Veneno has been on a good run in the cheap MTT's within the last month or so. I see 1st place lurking around the corner for a lucky Team Veneno member in the near future.


11:15 AM


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