Sunday, September 25, 2005


$1,000 Depositors Freeroll - September 24, 2005

Congratulations to barb1 for winning our weekly $1,000 Depositors Freeroll. barb1 outlasted 414 other players and won first prize of $250.

Damn you Barb1! I shall defeat you! I saw this on Titan Poker this morning!!!!

Oh, btw, the Titan Bonus. Not so bad. Since Friday I have cleared $20 of $250. A little slow, but at 1/2 ring it goes at a good clip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:29 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

I got off my A** this morning and posted! Next time, can you let me wake up? I mean..some people don't work on the weekend. We like to sleep

Congrats again Sir! That was awesome yestday.

8:51 AM

Anonymous kipper said...

Nice job Sir. Was fun watching you!!

1:46 PM


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