Saturday, September 24, 2005

Told Ya So!! Nahh Nahh!

Well.. I told you all I would score in a Tourney on Titan. Did you listen? NOOOOO! I sorta cheated a little. It was not my fault. You see it was a 1K freeroll and it had over three hundred people signed up. Actually 425 to be exact. You see though, these fishies never even showed out. They knew SirF was in da House. So once me and another guy dispatched two of the live players we took turns folding to each other. This lasted like three levels. So when I actually had to play a hand I had about 6K in chips.

I played well though. I never looked back. I did have one lucky suckout that probably enabled me to get to the final table. I raise pre-flop with AJo and get one caller. The flop is all diamonds and all cards lower than J. So I bet hard assuming that the Jack of diamonds could save my ass, and that I MIGHT be good with my overs. So he raises me, I call the raise, and we flip. AJ. Each of us. Me with a J of diamonds, him with an A. So the turn is of course a diamond and the river. I am lamenting my 4K drop in chips (yes, I had him WAYYYY covered) when the chips slide my way. Ummmm. Dealer? Ohhhhh.. I sucked out a straight flush. THANK YOU DEALER!

It was all up from there. Aggression. Timed moves. Calling small stacks and chipping up. I finally had 30K with 30 people left. I kept playing well and hitting hands. The
move that sealed it was pretty lucky I have 100K in chips. I get AA and raise big. A guy before me had bet 32K. He folds. The very next hand I get QQ. I push over the top of a guy who has me covered. He calls with AJ. My hand holds up and I have over 200K with less than 20 left. I just cruised to the final table from there. I was aggressive a little. I stole some blinds. I chipped up.

The final table was aewsome but my nerves were shot. I basically just played hands, kept my 3:1 chip lead. Busted small stacks. Finally it was HU. I blew it there. We had equal chips but I just kept being over aggressive at the wrong times. I went out on a coin flip, 55 vs AJ. Oh well. It was $50 extra for first, and a little but of pride. I ended up winning $200 for that win and bringing the roll to over $500. A little over. So now I can actually play 1/2 (almost) with out worrying about it.

Oh yeah. I almost forgot. I am actually enjoying playing limit poker. I am not exactly grinding. I play every day. I buy in for 25 at 1/2 or 50 at 2/4 and keep doubling. Over and over and over. I have learned to be aggressive. A little over aggressive at time. Not always aggressive. I am trying though. You know what. It works too. In my first climb to the "big bucks" I was never aggressive. I played weak-tight, and gave people too much credit for being good players. Now you all have pissed me off. I do not trust you any more. You WILL call to the river with that DRAW. (Not always a bad play), you will try and win with that third pair. Basically I give you no credit for any hand unless you show me you can play. You know what. Its working too.


Blogger Slayre said...

Guess Im gonna have to break down and check out Titan.

5:07 AM

Blogger Heafy said...

Buying in for 12BB is kinda small isn't it? Or are you working on only loosing 12BB when it goes bad, and winning big when it goes good? Interesting way to go into those games I say, because I am currently playing 1/2 at Titan as well, but I usually buy in with $60.

4:04 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Yes, maybe, I dunno. I had a $200 bankroll. I was mitigation playing above my head slightly. Also, in limit, does it matter if you have a lower loss limit as long as you have enough to cap every street if you have a monster? I dunno.

4:19 PM


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