Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ok. I am waffling again. I wrote a great post. In the spirit of this Blog I am going to post it. However I MUST say I have had a 100% turn around in opinion. I waffle therefore I am. For those of you who have children I think you can relate to this. You as parents tell your kids things. Do not touch the hot stove. Do not stick your tongue in the light socket. Yada Yada. The kids however never listen. It is not because they think your stupid, they do, but that is not the reason. It is because they do not have the frame of reference to understand electricity and fire. Once they are burned once then you have a chance to have them listen.

I am here to say listen to daddy Iggy. He is pretty smart. Does he make money from having people go to Titan and other sites. Sure. However when he took me aside and said "Sir, the sharks hate bad software.. its all fish here", I did not beleive him. Well I have changed my mind in full!!!! I have seen, and profited off, so much bad play it is scary. I have been sucked out like crazy. However somehow it all works out. See, I might lose a buyin once a day or two. However I tripple up and double up much more often.

Now I am sure I am not over getting pissed at suckouts. I went on rampage tonight when I finished the 2500 Rebuy in 23rd place. Three out of the money. I had major chips with 8 left. It is HU and I have Q5. So I raise to steal the blind. I get called. The flop is QJ9. I push. I had the guy covered. He called off most of his stack pre-flop. He was eight to the money. He turns over JT. You know how this is going to end, right? With an eight of course. Well I got wicked pissed. Slammed my fist down. Went all in with AK. Got sucked out again. Finally had to go in with a KJ and got out drawn again. To finish three out.

I then went to play a little Poker with Scott. I busted out in 5 minutes. I had A7 vs his 57. He flops two pair. I have TP Ace kicker. So I am aggressive. I cap. However this mostly works with fish. He turns a boat. I bet, he raises, I call. I river an Ace. He bets, I raise, he re-raises, and I call. I had like a few bucks left after that. I wasted that. I then made a good choice. With everyone yelling at me to take a breather, I stormed up stairs for an hour to cool down.

Anyway, back to the story. Titan poker is growing on me. The bankroll is climbing slowly. Grinding out some wins. They have GREAT overlays for there guarenteed games. Have to attract people. I played a 1K rebuy for 5/1 and a 2500 for 10/1. Bought the add-on in both. The games had 65 and 120 people respectively. Not as tough as beating 2000 at party. It also takes alot shorter time. I am determined to score in one of these. So read my next post with a grain of salt. I was angry. I decided to wait a few days to post about Titan. Just because I wanted to give it a chance. I am glad I did. The software does suck. However Poker is about the games.. and Titan is pretty good.


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