Friday, September 23, 2005

Bonus Code: I hate Iggy


Titan Poker. I had high hopes. I mean how cool. A poker site that looks like the Teen Titans Tower ™. I was on a good roll at Empire.. so I decided to double up my money by going to Titan. Stupid Idea. In case Iggy ever reads this blog, I would hate you, but your such a cute, fuzzy, little, dwaf that I can not stay mad at you.

The things I hate about Titan. Ohhh let me count the ways. First off the main reason I went there was the bonus. Welll.. if your not playing high stakes the bonus is EXCRUCIATINGLY hard to clear. You have to make 1000 stars to get ten bucks. I have been playing a lot of hours for the last three days and have made 258 stars. HELLO! Its fucking ten bucks! Are you trying to get people to like your site or hate it. I had the same problem with Full Tilt, busting out before I cleared hardly any bonus.

As if that is not bad enough. I can not even SEE how many F*ING stars I have? HELLO! Anyone home! I have to ask tech support every day: Bitches, how many stars do I have? So not only do you torture me with stars but you will not even let me know how many I have unless I kiss your ass and ask nicely. I wonder if they would kick me off the site if I said “Hey Bitch! How many f*ing stars do I have!!! NOW!!!”.

Ok. So those things are very annoying. The other annoying thing is the game selection. With Full Tilt you at least had a bunch of weird games to bust out with. This site does not event have 20/2 SNGs with ten players! HELLO! I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY SHORT! I would hate to be someone looking for higher stakes SNGs too. Nope. Very little. We can hope that the structure changes but I doubt I stay long enough to find out.

Now to the irrational side of things. I not only hate Titan Poker, it hates me. Yes. You heard it here first. It has an AI that just does not like me. I have had the WORSE beats. I have seen 4 sets of QUADS in two days. Two sets against me. Ok, ok, two sets for me. I have not seen quads in months on the supposedly rigged Party Poker. I know. I know. Blah Blah rigged.. Blah Blah. I have seen things that have made me cry. BEWARE!

I do not like the characters either. The Avatars. I would much rather be a mad monkey than a Cowboy.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot. When you are on a table, your bankroll shows only what it not at the table! HELLO! I have that money still you know!! JEEZ! Oh yeah, do not get me started with that damn buzzer too!!!?!?!?! I ALMOST FORGOT TOO! I signed up and typed WALGMan cause the interface sucks and they will not let me change it!!! DAMN SITE!!!

So all in all the site has been a huge letdown. I am hoping to get out break even, or score in the Blogger tourney. It is the one thing I am looking forward to on the site. I just hope I do not go out the first hand.

So until further notice Titan Poker gets a F- from me. I would give it a G if I could. Use Iggys bonus code when you signup though .. at least he might get something out of this whole thing.

** BTW: I forgive you Iggy. Since I have had his IM open I am up $50 in a 6-MAX limit game. LMAO!!! Cashing of that game now.


Blogger Veneno said...

Keep playing limit on Titan. Seems to be working for you.

Best of luck to you!!!

3:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only is the bonus ridiculously hard to clear, but if you deposited with neteller, you will not be allowed to withdraw until you clear a certain percentage of it.

Try asking text support the next time you get your star count, if you are authorized to make a withdrawal at this time. You might be surprised at the answer.

11:39 AM


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