Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Aggressive: Good!

I do not have much time. I was going to post about how much I hate Titan Poker. However there are better things to Blog about today. The Titan bashing will happen tomorrow.

It was a blast playing in a Blogger tourney again. I basically allowed myself to get short stacked. Had to go all in with a 50/50. I think it was 99 vs AQ. I had the AQ. The flop was a nice TJ which gave me straight outs. I never improved though. I went out a middle of the pack 38th place or something. As Veneno was so happy to point out “Before her”. Man was she getting lucky. She cracked Kings with Nines and never looked back. She took out the Poker Geek too. He wanted the 50/50 action with his AK vs 99. He never improved either. It is a shame too cause he had a decent stack. Blogger tourneys are THE BEST and I missed the last few. It sucks that I have a real job now and can not read Poker Blogs all day long. It was a fun night!!!!

Now to a good thing about Titan. Well, not just about Titan but about Poker in general. I think my passiveness post flop is what kills me in limit. Even when I was a successful player I rarely had nights where I tripled up. It was an oddity. I played a few hands with Scott last night and REALLY noticed how he bet HARD. No fear! Where I might check down a K8, on a six-max table, with the fear it was outkicked, he would be betting it. I also would check strong TPTK hands on the river. Trying to avoid that extra check-raise thing some people are so fond of. So I decided to the hell with the respect I give other players for having SOMETHING, I would go all monkey ass Sir-Waffle on them and see what happened. You know what? I tripled up. Yup. Went from twenty five clams to seventy-five. No bad! Now I know it was one night. However it was totally apparent that when I amped up my aggression I started winning. A LOT! I will write more on aggression in a future post, including my attempts to get some. However it is not all raising and betting the hell out of hands. So maybe these old Poker guys know something.. perhaps the Titan games are SOFT and AGGRESSIVE players can make a killing.. hmmm.

So that happy night put my bankroll back over $200 on Titan. Nothing on Empire/Party. I cashed out to move over to Titan and lost the $50 I left on Empire. I also have $25 courtesy of Big Chief Tokem. We often lend each other a few bucks to play. He owed me the twenty five and paid it back. He is a standup kinda guy. I have some GREAT news about him but I am going to save it for another future post (get your fat ass working Gordo!).


Blogger ScottMcM said...

Dont forget it is focused aggression. You make the bets so you can win the most when you have the best and and lose the least when it turns into the worst hand

7:23 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Agreed. However, being a wimp and always assuming everyone has a better hand than you because you would never call that crap to the river is not good.

12:47 PM

Blogger Easycure said...

The blogger tourney WAS awesome. We need a regular monthly, I say.

1:02 PM


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