Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Been working my ass off and playing my balls off so there is not much left in the middle. I have been putting in 12-15 hour days, and then I need a break so I come home and play poker to all hours in the morning. Rinse. Repeat. Right Felicia? Anyhoo..

Dismal night. Ended up five bucks ahead though. It was cool though. I basically got sucked out on EVERY hand I played in limit tonight. It happens. Whatcha gonna do? There were some riddiculous bad beats and at the end I just blew of my last three bucks of that buyin and left the table.. Who says I get emotional!

So then I found a nice thing about Titan Poker. Besides the runner-runner chasers at limit. There are some good overlay games. I played five bucks, MTT, to win $300, and only needed to beat 62 people. Not a bad deal. I did well to start off. It was a rebuy. So I did goot. I then burned a few chips off and ended up with 4K left with $400 blinds. Sooooooo. There are 28 people left. Ten pay. I get pocket...... eights. So I decide it is worth the 50/50 chance and push in. One guy calls my 4K bet. He risks half his stack. Flips his AK over. And they are off to the races. This one wasnt close.. Sir Waffle in the eight track loses by a mile. A king on the flop and a Ace on the river to rub it in.

So now I am down $35. Twenty five from the limit, five from the freeroll, and a 5 dollar addon. So what is a guy to do? What the hell. One last game of 6-MAX 20/2 SNG. First place pays $60. I go for it. I give the smack down early and get up to 2K early. I take out another 2K stack when he calls my AK, K on the flop, with his 99. Hellllooo.. you had 1700 in chips. You could have waited out the other two guys.

We are all in the money now. However this money sucks. I make a few bad moves. I get chipped down to where it is even. Three ways. I finally take out one of the aggressive guys with AK vs K6. The other guy just keeps raising every hand all in. I guess he felt he needed to catch up.. or go to sleep. So I finally call with Q6o and take him out. ZANG!

So up five for the night. Decided to leave. Did not wanna push it!


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