Sunday, September 11, 2005


I AM A SHARK! Ok. So maybe not. However sometimes it is too easy. I login. The first hand the table lets me draw to the nut flush.

The flop is 33x. Two hearts including the Ace. The guy with the three does not bet AT ALL UNTIL I hit the flush on the river, at which time he bets two bucks. I just call. Not liking the paired board all that much. Now I am all for slow playing your hands. If they are strong hands like trips or sets ok. However -- You must keep this in mind when you do this: DO NOT BET HARD WHEN THE BOARD GOES TO CRAP. If you can not lay down a good hand on a scary board slow playing is not for you.

Before I can stop crying about not making enough money on that hand I get dealt pocket rrrrr--sixes. It is raised a buck. One other caller. I call, the 5/10 rule and all. The flop is a NICE 826. Two diamonds. So I check. The aggressor bets three. I decide not to fool around and raise to nine. He cold calls me. The turn is a nine. I push $18 into the $20 pot and he calls. All in BABY! Yeah! He turns his Kings and I have doubled up on the fifth hand of the morning.


Blogger trumpjosh said...

Either turn your chat on or stop iggying me at Party, sirF. I sat with you at 25NL for a short while and tried to say "hi".

So.... HI!

8:45 AM

Blogger Veneno said...

You are so fickle! Make up your mind. Are you a Shark or a Fish? How can I look to you as a poker mentor if you can't even figure that out?

Glad to see you are winning. Show me you can be successful at this poker thing!

8:58 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Definatly a Shish!

5:53 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Josh --
I usually have my chat on but when I am two tabling and/or chatting with others I usually ignore the table chatter. I do remember seeing you at my table. A few time this week. You can always IM me as sirfwalgman on Yahoo or AOL.

5:55 PM

Blogger trumpjosh said...

Okay, man. You're on my yahoo list as of now.

10:28 PM

Blogger Aequitas58 said...

Nerd: I check your blog, and the last post says FISH... this post says SHARK, which one is it? :) Did well in a MTT: 18/1066. Check my blog for the aftermath.

1:35 AM


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